Paleo: 12 weeks to change your life

Paleo: 12 weeks to change your life

Over 200 original Paleo recipes to provide the ultimate in health and nutrition.

A Paleo diet requires you to eat REAL food; you eat the way people did in the Stone Age. The diet is based around any food that could be hunted, grown or foraged by our ancestors and includes meats, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and natural oils.

When cavemen roamed the Earth, there were no processed foods or refined sugars and grains. Our bodies are biologically designed to eat and process only certain foods, therefore as other foods have been integrated into our diets over the years our bodies have been unable to adapt and as a result have failed to function effectively. The result can be weight gain, fatigue and [preventable] illness.

By continuing to eat foods our bodies cannot process, we develop biochemical imbalancesthat affect what we eat and how we function. If we remove these foods from our diet it allows our bodies to process our food effectively and return to optimum condition and functioning.

By eliminating processed foods and replacing them with whole, clean foods, people could begin to experience numerous health benefits.

If you consider lean meat for example, lean proteins support strong muscles, healthy bones and optimal immune function. Protein also makes you feel satisfied between meals.

Fruits and vegetables are known to be rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. These have been shown to decrease the likelihood of developing a number of degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes and neurological decline.

These are basic facts, we should be considering when planning your daily diet.

Following the success of ‘Introduction to Paleo’, Author Rebecca Field’s first book, ‘Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life’ takes a healthy and realistic look at how you can get in shape and improve your health using the Paleo diet. It has certainly encouraged my family to analyze our eating habits.

The book is well researched, offering interesting principles with logical reasoning behind changing your eating habits and lifestyle. There are inspiring, easy to follow recipes with a selection of images to help you on your way. Also included is a handy shopping list and weekly meal planners with every meal of the three-month period taken care of.

The book allows for flexibility and ‘on the move’ modern day lifestyles. Rebecca understands that life places pressures on all of us, which mean we can’t always follow a diet to the letter and the book allows room for occasional slip-ups and quick fixes.

By the time you have finished the programme, Rebecca believes you will view food in a completely different way and be in tune with exactly what your body wants and needs. You will have banished your cravings and will know what it feels like to truly nourish your body.

Rebecca began her career as a commercial lawyer and after 8 years working in the city decided to follow her true passion in life – food and Paleo. An enthusiastic food lover with a natural flair for cooking, a love of writing and a passion for clean living; Rebecca dedicated herself to creating a Paleo resource that would help to inspire, inform and educate followers of the Paleo lifestyle in the UK.

In order to create her books Rebecca worked very closely with diet, nutrition and exercise professionals in order to provide the highest quality information and advice on the Paleo diet. She has taken great care to ensure that her books flexible to work around your needs. Rebecca wanted to emphasise the importance of both diet and fitness in order to create a sustainable new lifestyle. Creating a programme, which provided ALL the information that would be needed in order to start your own Paleo journey.

‘Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life’, which aims to make the Paleo diet accessible to everyone, has jumped straight to the number one spot in its category on Amazon…

Poppy Watt

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