November Birthstone - Topaz

November Birthstone – Topaz

The yellow topaz is considered a stone of strength, power, and protection

November Birthstone – Topaz – Each month of the year is represented by its own special gemstone. Topaz and Citrine are the birthstones for November.

Yellow Topaz, has been warming hearts since the days of ancient Egypt and has been revered by many cultures. The name topaz comes from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning, “fire.” The Egyptians believed the yellow topaz received its golden colour from the sun god Ra, and the ancient Romans associated the topaz with their god of the sun, Jupiter. Hindus believed the yellow topaz to be sacred, and in Africa, the topaz was used for healing rituals to commune with the realm of the spirit.

Although it was once believed that all topaz stones were yellow, actually the topaz exists in many colours, including clear, blue, green, sherry, brown, and pink. 

November Birthstone - Topaz

Unique Properties

The yellow topaz is considered a stone of strength, power, and protection. Because it is ruled by the sun, it bestows abundance and practicality. It also aids in stimulating intelligence and creativity. The heat of this fiery gemstone imbues a strong sense of true love and passion, as well as compassion, kindness, and empathy.

Spiritual Meaning

It is said that the topaz symbolises love and affection. It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect. Yellow topaz stones are associated with strength and healing for both body and mind. They offer protection to travellers and support good mental health. 

Topaz is also linked with wisdom, strength, courage, and serenity. It soothes physical pain, promotes peace and calms emotions. Topaz also promotes forgiveness and discourages negative emotions.

Healing Properties of Topaz

As a healing stone, the yellow topaz is believed to bring a sense of balance to the wearer by relieving tension, calming stress, and harmonising emotions. It also aids in tissue regeneration, counters aging, strengthens the liver, and detoxifies the body. This soothing gemstone also helps inspire a restorative sleep.

Topaz aids digestion and combats eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. It fortifies the nerves and stimulates the metabolism.

How to cleanse your birthstone

It is important to cleanse your birthstone regularly since the gemstone absorbs negative energy from your body and your surroundings. Holding it under running lukewarm water for a short period of time, once a day can do this. You could also visualise a white or golden light surrounding your gemstone and clear away any negativity, as you rinse the birthstone. Do this every morning or evening – especially if you wear your jewellery on a regular basis. To charge your gemstone a little extra, leave it in the direct moonlight during the full moon.

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