Vedmantra – Born from The Love of Fragrance

Vedmantra – Born from The Love of Fragrance

Vedmantra – Born from The Love of Fragrance – Incense has been used in various cultures worldwide for many years, and it’s not hard to understand why. They provide a beautiful scent that isn’t overpowering but powerful enough to fill your home with a wonderful, harmonious fragrance.

It can be made in many ways to create a variety of alluring and relaxing scents that can help you to discover your positive vitality. I love the hypnotic, spiralling flow of the smoke trail and the beautiful scents that can enrobe you as well as follow you around a room.

You might use yours to create a sense of tranquillity, for meditation or other spiritual practices, for focus or inspiration or simply to make your rooms smell nice.

Incense is widely considered to aid sleep-promoting relaxation, stimulate creativity, improve concentration, encourage self-healing, and heightens motivation, while some people use incense stick set strictly for religious and spiritual reasons, others like myself may use it to improve their health and wellness.

Regardless of your preference for use, I have found a family-run online shop called Vedmantra, they carry a varied, and unique selection of Incense sticks, all hand-rolled using the traditional methods from India, essential oils for specific healing purposes like relaxation, sleep induction, mood enhancement and hand-crafted incense burners.

The word incense comes from the Latin incendere, which means ‘to burn’. Most incense products combine aromatic plant matter with essential oils and resins and are designed to burn at a slow and even pace, producing aromatic smoke as they do so.

No one knows exactly when people first started making and burning incense. However, there is evidence that the Ancient Egyptians and the Babylonians burned it during their rituals. Its use at ceremonial events was also recorded in China as far back as 2000BC. From there, the custom spread to India where it was used in early Hindu ceremonies.

The precise ingredients found in incense differs from product to product, but there are certain essentials that remain constant. Historically, the chief components were resins like frankincense and myrrh, aromatic wood and bark and additions such as seeds, roots, and flowers.

Scented Incense Sticks are the most popular and recognisable type of Incense. They are made from bamboo (unscented sticks) and a paste comprising a range of ingredients, including charcoal dust and binding agents. The paste is used to coat the stick and then it is perfumed with mixtures made using additions such as cloves, ginger and sandalwood and scented oils and then left to dry to create the finished product. This can be done either by rolling the stick in a spice mix powder or by dipping it into fragranced liquids. In some cases, machines are used to complete this process. However, many like the Vedmantra range are still hand-rolled which you may observe with the varying weight and size of the finished product.

After being formed and dried they can be lit and, once the flame is fanned out, they burn continuously by themselves. This incense usually comes in either stick or cone form.

To fragrance your home with a selection of products, why not try the following:

Incense Sticks generally work as a mood soother and a relaxing agent, they are a natural mood stabiliser and can help with sleeping, eating, and digestion. Incense sticks are used to meditate, reduce depression, and regulate anxiety and headaches and are harmony in itself.

Vedmantra – Born from The Love of Fragrance

Bespoke your collection at home for your personal requirements, for example, Sandalwood incense is used to fill your home with bright and inviting fragrance, Cinnamon is used to boost your self-confidence, French Vanilla is sweet and soothing with indulgent floral high notes, ideal for anti-stress, anti-anxiety and building natural creativity. Whereas Nag Champa can quickly cleanse and purify the air and chase away all shades of negativity.

As well as indoors, experiment with fragrances outdoors too at picnics, barbecues, patio parties, camping, holidays, and festivals.

Incense sticks are extremely easy to use; simply light the tip of your incense stick and wait for it to glow, then blow out the flame and place it into your intense holder. The stick will then smoulder, releasing fragrance into the room. The burning time may vary but in general, you are looking at about 2-3 minutes.

Dhoop Sticks/Cones – These are long-lasting and establishes a relaxing reconnection that helps uplift the ambience and your mind.

Back-flow Cones – provide a heavenly aroma. The smoke evolves from it travels through a hollow tunnel and this path helps the smoke exit from the bottom of the cone and in a reverse direction, so the air bode remains intact. The air is denser and settles below giving your room a fragrance that is encouraging and convenient.

Fragrance Oil/Room Spray – the essence of India helps you immerse in tranquillity away from stress and anxiety.

Vedmantra products are free from Animal Fat and Animal by-products, they’re also made of non-toxic materials and are minimally but beautifully packaged using recyclable paper.

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