Magnet Therapy - Big Bertha

Magnet Therapy – Big Bertha

Magnet Therapy – Big BerthaGoodbye aches and pains – no pills or potions….just magnets

For health, wellbeing and beauty magnet therapy has an uncanny healing property, which I have just begun to experience for myself. Not only as an aid for aches and pains but I have even incorporated it into my daily beauty routine hoping for a more youthful look!

Magnets have been a mainstay in alternative medicine since ancient times, the therapeutic knowledge was passed to the Greeks who have been using magnets for healing since 2500 BC. Today, some believe that they may have beauty benefits too. Cleopatra was probably the first celebrity to use magnets. It is documented that she slept on a Lodestone to keep her skin youthful. 

Magnetic stimulation may have three types of effects: detoxification, anti-inflammatory, or cell metabolism regulation. … As a result of increased blood flow, more oxygen is delivered to skin cells, which helps to revitalise the skin by improving tone, tightening facial muscles, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Martin Hill founder of Magnets4Wellbeing has been involved with Magnet Therapy for over 23 years. 

The fascination of magnets for Martin first started out as a passionate hobby. After a life-changing accident in 2017, this changed into a medical saviour.

Both of Martin’s feet were crushed whilst working offshore, with almost all the bones in each foot broken, dislocated and twisted and 75% of the skin lost on each foot.  

He was airlifted to his local hospital in Hull where he was told both feet would have to be amputated. Martin told the surgeons that he wanted to try to heal his feet using magnetic therapy.

The surgeons reluctantly agreed to say they had never seen injuries as severe as this recover. However, with the aid of plastic surgery, will power and the use of magnetic therapy to enhance the healing process Martin has saved both feet and made an inspiring recovery.

Two years prior to his accident, Martin found that large neodymium magnets had an almost immediate effect on relieving localised pain for all types of injuries and health conditions.  He, therefore, developed a product which would enable people to use the magnets safely and effectively to treat their own aches and pains.  He called this product Big Bertha Magnet.

He used Big Bertha Magnet, along with other magnetic products to help heal his broken bones, speed up his plastic surgery recovery and reduce the pain he experienced after his injury.  This also helped Martin reduce the need for strong painkillers and the nasty side effects these can bring.

Pain Relief – Martin has developed Big Bertha and tested the magnet on friends and family. He has been able to promote it at his local gym to people suffering from sports injuries, with some good results.  For example, a member asked if Big Bertha Magnet would help with Achilles tendon pain.  He tried using it and found it relieved pain within seconds and gave him the opportunity to train more, thus improving his strength and mobility.  Now he can run daily rather than weekly, so he is able to achieve his goals sooner.

Flexibility – I have found using Big Bertha excellent way to release muscle tightness thus giving my body more flexibility. 

I enjoy a regular yoga class and practice the ‘forward stretch’ and ‘salute to the sun’ regularly at home. However, some mornings my body can feel a little stiffer than usual. Thanks to Big Bertha, I have now discovered after massaging the magnet over tight muscles I have the extra stretchability and can actually reach a further 100mm stretch toward the floor!

Tension – The calming effect of gently massage around the temple area with Big Bertha has assisted to relieve head pain for my daughter who suffers from regular migraines. This is something we have tried numerous times at home with positive results, particularly with tension headaches.

Big Bertha Magnet in Orange

Big Bertha Healing Magnet RRP £35

This is a very powerful magnet made from a material called neodymium which is the most magnetisable material on earth.

The Magnet should be used as a complementary therapy, to boost the therapeutic effects of conventional medicine and treatments. 

How to use – By very slowly and gently massaging the area of pain with the flat round end of Big Bertha Magnet pain can reduce instantly, generally, the easing of pain can be experienced within thirty seconds to one minute, if necessary, continue for approximately 5 minutes. If the pain persists, continue to massage for up to 10 minutes. Occasionally benefits might not be felt until the following day.

You may find it is easier to apply the magnet over very thin clothing or tissue or handkerchief to reduce friction. It is safe to also use directly on to the skin.

How it works – There are many different views on how magnets work, but the following is the most common theory about how they work:

Magnetic devices increase blood flow, improving the transition of oxygen, nutrients and hormones around the body, ensuring they are distributed to the organs and tissues more effectively. During pain an electrochemical change takes place in the nervous system; this can be influenced by placing a magnet on the area of pain, stopping the signal reaching the brain.

For more information visit Magnets4Wellbeing

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