Natural Skin Cycle Accelerators

Natural Skin Cycle Accelerators

Understanding your ‘skin cycle’

Natural Skin Cycle Accelerators – Understanding your ‘skin cycle’ – what it is, how it changes with age and how we can support it – is crucial when it comes to introducing new products and implementing new skincare regimes as we age.

Skincare Specialist Jane Scrivner says…

“A ‘skin cycle’ is the regeneration process where new skin cells are made at the deepest level of the epidermis and move to the surface of your skin to replace the old, dead skin cells which have already reached their full maturity and naturally flake away.”

“This regeneration process takes an average of 30 days, however from the age of 35 it slows down. When your skin cycle starts to slow down, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, leading to dullness and a loss of structure and strength. Therefore, it’s essential to adjust your skincare routine with age – what worked in your 20’s might need a rethink as you head into your 40’s.”

“Introducing skin cycle accelerators into your daily routine will help replicate what your skin is no longer doing as well – or as quickly – as it once did. This is where Vitamins A, B and C can play an important role, supporting and accelerating your skin cycle, naturally, for a clearer, plumper, more youthful and radiant complexion.”

“VITAMIN A works to accelerate the rate at which your body produces new skin cells and stimulate collagen production.

Natural Skin Cycle Accelerators

Jane Scrivner Intense Oil formulated with 100% organic, cold pressed, C02 Critical Rose Hip Extract from Chile, this potent treatment oil contains high levels of Beta Carotene – a natural form of Vitamin A to encourage cell turnover and regeneration.

Abundant in Omega’s 3 and 6 to plump, moisturise, replenish, and revitalise skin.

VITAMIN B works to accelerate and enhance the strength of the new skin cells being produced for healthier, stronger, more balanced skin.”

Natural Skin Cycle Accelerators

Jane Scrivner Brightening B

This purifying, energising, skin strengthening, and replenishing serum with Niacinamide Green Spirulina – natures form of Vitamin B 3 – works to ‘reset’ your skin for a fresh, even toned, glowing, ‘wide awake’ look.

Niacinamide Green Spirulina (Vitamin B3) – boosts ceramide production, restores Barrier Function, maintains the Surface Biome, purifies pores, and delivers radiance.

Extremely Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic – for a deeper, more drenching, and penetrating hydration to plump and smooth skin.

Rice Bran Water – rich in vitamins B & E and Ferulic Acid for ultra-skin softening, strengthening, and smoothing.

VITAMIN C is high on the pH scale of acidity and acts as a mild exfoliant, speeding up cell turnover, as well as inhibiting melanin production for a more even toned, smooth, youthful complexion.”

Natural Skin Cycle Accelerators

Jane Scrivner Circadian Vit C is an overnight, time release, Vitamin C paste to brighten, tone, repair and support the skin’s natural overnight circadian repair cycle – like a ‘wakeup call’ for skin.

Encapsulated Sub-Micron Vitamin C (L Ascorbic Acid) & Vitamin E – allows for a controlled, stable, slow release of the skin repairing, restructuring, and restoring vitamin. The outer encapsulation of the vitamin preserves the potency of the vitamin C until the ‘burst’ activation when massaged into the skin to brighten, maintain healthy collagen, and speed up the skin’s natural repair systems.

It contains the following fabulous ingredients:

Kaduka Plum Extract – one of the richest sources of vitamin C to stimulate collagen and elastic production, boost radiance and luminosity and protect against oxidative stress.

Celery Seed & Linseed Extract – reinforce the skin’s structure to firm, tone and bring density to the skin.

Resurrection Plant (myrothamnus flabellifolia) – revives dehydrated skin, moisturises, and brightens.

Having used the Brightening B Ceramide Boost over the last few weeks, I have been thrilled with the results. The product absorbs quickly and easily into the skin leaving my face nourished and replenished. The texture and radiance of my skin has certainly benefited from daily use.

Poppy Watt


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