Jane Scrivner Eye Firming Concentrate

Jane Scrivner Eye Firming Concentrate

Jane Scrivner Eye Firming Concentrate – What truly determines and underpins healthy skin is down to 3 key functions, our BARRIER FUNCTION, SURFACE BIOME and ACID MANTLE. Keep these three in perfect condition and they will return the skincare favour. Feed, nourish and balance them and you HAVE FABULOUS along with AGELESS, HEALTHY SKIN. 

The BARRIER FUNCTION sits just below the skins surface and acts as a protective layer, avoiding irritation, inflammation or infection.  

A replenished and maintained Barrier Function is the recipe for flawless, healthy and strong skin.

The ACID MANTLE & SURFACE BIOME act as the first line of defence, constantly reconfiguring to keep the surface of the skin a perfect pH to host the good bacteria and fight off the bad bacteria and environmental pollutants.   The ACID MANTLE is made up of sebum (fatty acids) excreted from the skin’s sebaceous glands, which mixes with natural lactic and amino acids from sweat to create this perfect pH.

Jane Scrivner has over 30 years of experience working in the skincare and therapy industry. 

Over 30 years of travel, learning and teaching bought her to the conclusion that we can feed our skin healthy. “I just love that people can use my products and see a big difference; to look in the mirror and see fresh, nourished, healthy skin looking back….that’s when my work is done.”

“I had the privilege of being an international instructor and I got to travel the world training spa therapists in the most beautiful locations. Each time I requested a facial oil to use in my training they would bring the local oils – and by local, I mean pure, raw, unadulterated and beautifully textured indigenous plant oils – once I had experienced these oils, and in whichever country this was in I decided that these were the ingredients that ‘made sense’ to me. Natural, organic, full of skin nutrients and effective.”

“I then came home to practice in London and used these same oils in my treatments, unblended and pure and I saw how my client’s skin turned from pale and pasty to nourished and alive. This got me thinking. Why not ‘grow’ healthy skin from the start, why not ‘feed our skin healthy’ with the product we choose to use.  Why not replenish our skin and return its natural beauty?

The Jane Scrivner award winning natural skincare range is formulated using only pure essential oils and Jojoba oil. It has been kept as simple as possible but is extremely effective in nourishing and regenerating skin to maintain your BARRIER FUNCTION, perfect the pH of your ACID MANTLE and protect the SURFACE BIOME.  

The range trusts that the blend of 9 essential oils and the golden oil of Jojoba is the ultimate combination to bring your skin to perfect balance. 

Women Talking had the opportunity to try the Eye Firming Concentrate Night Serum.

Presented in an easy pump application 15ml bottle, the night serum is to be used around the delicate eye area for firming, toning and nourishing.

Jane Scrivner Eye Firming Concentrate

It contains the following:


High in NMF’s (Natural Moisturising Factors) to mimic the skins intracellular matrix. High linoleic lipid content helping to maintain the Barrier Function.


Abundant in EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) Omega 6 & Omega 3. Vitamins E, C, and Beta Carotene an excellent source of trans retinoic acid – provitamin A, a natural form of Vitamin A.


Brightening, smoothing and naturally lightening skin.


Stimulating skin repair. Significantly boosts the appearance and even tone of skin. Enhances nourishing, oxygenated blood flow to the skin cells. Provides antioxidant protection to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Directions – Apply 1 or 2 drops of oil onto the pads of your fingers to warm, using your ring finger ‘pat’ the oil under and around the eye area.

So far, so good. The serum is lightweight to use, and easy to apply. For best results apply 1 or 2 drops of oil onto the pads of your fingers to warm, using your ring finger ‘pat’ the oil under and around the eye area.

For more information visit the website here

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