Lip Fillers Aftercare: 10 Tips, What to Expect, and More

Lip Fillers Aftercare: 10 Tips, What to Expect, and More

Lip Fillers Aftercare: 10 Tips, What to Expect, and More – This article is for people who decided that they want to change something in their appearance, who are brave enough to try new things for the looks of their dreams, who scheduled the appointment to make lips fuller, juicier, and desirable. Yes, you’ve heard everything correctly, fillers are meant not only for skin improvement but also for lip correction and enhancement. And those are very comfortable for doctors because it is possible to buy lip fillers online!

As the lips area is extremely sensitive, it requires special aftercare after the augmentation session. Why? To eliminate recovery time and possible adverse reactions, of course! So now, without further ado, let’s learn more about useful aftercare tips from aesthetic medicine professionals. Enjoy!

How to take care of lips after dermal fillers?

Honestly speaking, aftercare tips for the lip area are pretty similar to those that related to the overall facial zone; treatment with the help of injectables. However, it is still better to be aware of those to take proper care of yourself after the doctor’s appointment. Here, we would like to discuss the most popular ones.

  1. High temperatures are contraindicated to patients. That means you should stay away from saunas, solarium, hot tubs, long hot showers, etc., for at least 48 hours after the injection. It can make swelling worse;
  2. Avoid strenuous training for two to three days after you’ve got a lip filler. It was proved that extra activities make the swelling and bruising worse, as well as can cause filler migration;
  3. Consult about painkillers with your healthcare provider. Blood-thinning medications can cause serious complications, so such products as Ibuprofen are forbidden;
  4. Use ice packs or ice cubes covered with cloth to reduce swelling, bruising, itching, and other unpleasant sensations;
  5. Drink a lot of water. Water can start the healing process in the body faster and reduce unfortunate side effects;
  6. Eat more healthy products (hydrating fruit and vegetables are the best here). Junk food may only make swelling worse, so be careful with what you eat;
  7. Sleep with your head elevated on the pillow. Don’t sleep on the face, it may cause serious filler migration, which will require a doctor’s assistant to correct;
  8. Do not apply heavy makeup for a day or two to avoid lip irritation;
  9. Plan your injections in advance and give yourself some time to heal. If you are going to visit a social event and decide to have a filler injected a day before it, don’t be surprised if injection site reactions are not gone till the time you should go;
  10. Understand that side effects are completely normal for such a procedure. Give yourself some time – your body needs time to recover properly.

What NOT to do after hyaluronic acid fillers?

We told you about things that you should eliminate the recovery time, and now let’s discuss stuff you should avoid in order to see a positive effect after filler injecting faster. There are three main aspects:

Smoking. Believe it or not, smoking can negatively affect the condition of your lips. It can influence the shape of the filler, as well as cause some unfortunate infections (by the way, that’s the reason why you need to avoid places where other people smoke as well);

Alcohol. Alcohol has blood-thinning characteristics as well as some painkillers mentioned above; that is why it should be avoided for a day or two after the lip injection. Otherwise, you are risking getting inflammation, and bruising, as well as making swelling much worse. Doctors also recommend avoiding alcoholic beverages a few days before the actual appointment;

Travelling via planes. After the treatment, specialists recommend waiting for at least a week before flying anywhere. All because of the air pressure, which affects one’s appearance, makes bruising and swelling a lot worse, and can also lead to filler migration.

Follow these simple recommendations and, we guarantee, the recovery period will become much shorter for you. Of course, if any type of trouble appears after the administration of an injectable, we recommend talking to your beautician. Only they may know the best way to help you.

Final word

Dermal fillers can deal with plenty of aesthetic problems – starting from wrinkles in the facial area and ending with contouring and lip enhancement. And aftercare is a very important part of any type of beauty procedure. Your doctor should recommend the perfect steps for your health and body peculiarities, but we decided to gather the most popular tips here. Hope, our article was helpful for you. Good luck!

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