Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week – 2021 Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week falls on 6- 12th September.

This campaign’s key message is ‘Nature has the answer, and the answer is certified organic. It’s what the planet would choose’. Bringing awareness to the fact that Organic farms provide homes for wildlife such as bees, birds, and butterflies as they are free from harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and GM crops farming with and not against nature. They are home to 30% more species of wildlife on average and up to 75% more wild bees which are vital for pollinating our plants.

The 2021 Soil Association Market Report data shows that 28% of 16–24-year-olds are already buying organic beauty and wellbeing products versus only 9% of 55+-year-olds the time really is NOW for organic beauty and wellbeing consumerism, with an appreciation for nature and kindness to our planet, here to stay for the long term.

Why Certified Organic Matters

Unlike food and drink, the terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are unregulated in the beauty industry. This creates a minefield for people who want to buy products that align with their values and have minimal impact on the environment.

– nearly half (49%) of surveyed consumers agreed that many beauty and wellbeing brands are “greenwashing” (spending more time and money on marketing themselves as environmentally friendly rather than being more environmentally friendly).

– only a quarter (24%) know that beauty and wellbeing brands in the UK can have as little as 1% organic ingredients and still claim to be “organic”, the same number believed this statement was false.

– Nearly half (47%) agreed this made them more likely to buy certified products in the future.

Getting the messaging across about organic certification is so important, so consumers are aware of the standard that goes into products that carry this certification and know to ‘look for the logo’. There’s never been a better moment for the organic beauty & wellbeing community to lead the charge for a sustainable future, by showcasing the industry’s ability to use nature responsibly, and treat the planet with kindness.

Certified organic beauty and wellbeing products promise:

• Sustainably sourced ingredients

• Supporting wildlife and biodiversity

• No controversial chemicals

• Minimal packaging with maximum recycled content

• No synthetic colours, dyes, or fragrances

• NEVER tested on animals

Susannah Taylor, wellbeing columnist comments,

“I’m looking to brands who think about the whole picture, by that I mean the ingredients of the product, the soil which they were grown in, to what goes down the plug hole and all parts of the packaging – it really is a circular loop and one which the consumer needs educating on. I predict that we will hear more of this.”

Tanya Anderson @lovelygreens says; “As an organic gardener, and small-batch soap maker, I understand and practice the journey from seed to shelf. However, many consumers will not have had that opportunity, nor understand the relationship between the soil and its environment with the quality of the beauty products they put on their skin every day. Education, conversation, and labelling from organisations as well as brands can play a part in closing the loop. Looking for the logo and recognising that the hard work has been done for them and requesting levels of transparency will all be here to stay”.

By choosing certified organic, you are actively supporting nature to help restore our world.

Organic works with nature to support our soil, our wildlife, and our planet. It’s what the planet would choose. 

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