Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil

Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil

Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil – I have always been an avid cleanse, tone and moisturise regime girl and as the years have passed me by, I feel this has been of a great benefit to the overall appearance of my skin.

We cleanse to remove the dirt, oil, bacteria, pollutants, viruses and other unwanted debris from the surface of the skin which builds up over the course of the day, removing these impurities giving the skin a fresh, clean look.

As a cleansing product, oils have become more and more popular over time, although the ancient ritual itself dates back to 14th Century when women in Japan and Korea used oils as the only means of removing the white paint-like base that women traditionally wore.

Cleaning your skin with oil is a method that balances your natural oil production. It is a gentle, deep cleaning moisturising alternative to a bar of soap or wash, melting away makeup whilst hydrating your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth.

Certified holistic facialist Alice Moore, founder of Kyushi Oils has introduced a brand-new addition to the Kyushi family – Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil (£58 – 100ml) which Women Talking had the opportunity to try.

A carefully curated blend of organic botanical oils works harmoniously to dissolve daily dirt, pollution AND makeup, including eye makeup when applied to the face. It does not clog pores but works with your skin’s natural barrier – and is perfect for all skin types.

Alice says, ‘I am thrilled with my new Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil. It is 100% organic, is non-comedogenic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory and leaves skin super clean (even dissolving mascara)”

Alice has a holistic approach to skincare and makeup, believing that the skin is a huge indicator for the balance of the body. Working as a facial reflexologist and IIN Certified Health Coach she has combined her health, skin and wellness expertise and created a client tried and tested ritual enabling you to lower stress levels, get glowing skin and feel your best yet.

By taking a moment to combine your skincare with your healthcare you are allowing the power of the breath to oxygenate your body, giving all your cells the crucial oxygen, they need to regenerate. It also allows your mind and body to pause for a minute to acquire a moment of relaxation and calm.

Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil
Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil

How to turn your cleansing routine into a daily ritual.

Cleansing your face should become a moment of true pleasure. For this simple double cleanse process it is recommended to use a facial cloth to gently cleanse away dirt pollution and makeup without disrupting the acid mantle (protective barrier of the skin) your cleanser and some warm (not hot) water.

  • Take a moment and take a deep breath in and out. 
  • Drop the oil into your hand, rub hands together gently, cup hands over the nose and inhale deeply three times, in through the nose and out through the nose. You should feel your stomach move up and down. 
  • Take 2-3 pumps of the Cleansing Oil into the palm of your hands and rub together. Rub in circular motions all over your face, neck and gently over the eyes, being careful to avoid direct contact with your eyes, this will help to dissolve the invisible pollution/daily grime and more visible makeup. 
  • Using one side of a warm face cloth make circular movements to receive a gentle exfoliation and to remove all traces of oil.
  • The second cleanse is to deep clean. Take 2-3 pumps of the Cleansing Oil and apply as before. Then using the other clean side of your face cloth make circular sweeping movements to remove any excess oil. 

Continue with your normal skincare routine while skin is still damp for maximum absorption. 

Having added the oil cleaning ritual into my general skincare routine, I can see my skin is looking radiant and more relaxed. The double cleanse certainly does make a difference and particularly good for removing residue eyeliner that can often stick around the lashes. All in all a great experience.

For more information and skincare tips visit the Kyushi website here 

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