Skin Deep - Varama Covercream

Skin Deep – Varama Covercream

Skin Deep – Varama CovercreamVanessa Jane Davies is a skin camouflage expert and in 2010 she founded Varama, a professional cover cream, which conceals all visible skin damage and discolouration.

“Having been a practitioner for 17 years I became very involved in the needs of the patients who were seeking help to conceal their conditions. Their needs were wide-ranging, from a child with a scar on the side of his neck to a lady who had hyper-pigmentation across her face. 

“I have always been very conscious of the fact that you need to feel comfortable in your skin in any situation, especially stressful ones. The application of skin camouflage offers durable and natural coverage anywhere on the face and body and gives a tremendous sense of self-confidence to the client.   

“To look normal is the most common request in our clinic and this is certainly something that Varama can achieve.”

Coping with marks you may have been born with or acquire with age can lead to low self-esteem, unwanted and often uncomfortable attention and even bullying. 

“I can assure you there is a great sense of satisfaction when you give people the ability to take immediate control of their condition. 

“I felt the choice of camouflage products on the market was pretty poor. It was apparent that other brands did not meet the consumer or practitioner needs and the market had remained static for many years. Varama Covercream aims to provide a product which is simple to blend and easy to apply. 

“The versatile colour range offers variants for white, Asian and black skins across all ages and is suitable for all pigmentation problems as well as scars, burns, bruising and birthmarks.”

With sheer determination, over two years, Vanessa developed Varama single-handedly whilst continuing to run a full-time skin camouflage consultancy and look after her two young children.

“I feel extremely proud to be able to offer a brand new solution for men, women and children who have concerns over colour differences or any type of disfigurement no matter how small. The cream is so effective it is even able to cover up tattoos!

“This is a service and product that is needed all over the country, for all races and ages. It’s so simple to use and not everybody has access to face-to-face advice whilst some prefer to do their research online.”

The website offers online skin colour analysis and features step-by-step guides. The site also carries information about the various conditions for which the skin camouflage may be used as well as detailed advice for users and GPs.

“The response to the site has been astonishing Varama has been an immediate hit with users all over the world with orders coming in from as far afield as Martinique and Finland.

Achieving NHS Prescription status in 2011 is the latest milestone in Vanessa’s mission to help as many people as possible to improve their body confidence. NHS staff will recognize and use Varama Covercreams in areas such as Dermatology, Burns and Maxilla facial, and Occupational Therapy.

“Being an independent practising Skin Camouflage Practitioner for 17 years, with clinics in North Yorkshire and London’s Harley Street, starting a family business, as well as being a single mother has been testing at times. However, I have always had a well-developed support system to help me manage the needs of my sports-crazy children and the professional demands on my time.”

The business name was chosen to be distinctive and memorable and is formed from the names of Vanessa and my two children, Rachel aged 12 and Mark aged 9, 

“Although they are not highly involved at the moment currently packing boxes is a key role for them both and I’m sure this will lead to future entrepreneurial skills!” says Vanessa and somehow you know that she’s right.

Poppy Watt

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