Indulge in the Comfort of an Electric Throw

Indulge in the Comfort of an Electric Throw

Indulge in the Comfort of an Electric Throw – Following on from our chilly winter in the UK last year, I was adamant I would be fully prepared this year to embrace the colder months with comfort and style.

There have been several home improvements that are taking shape to improve, for example, door and window drafts, chilly corners, and naked floorboards. However, I felt it important to give myself some well-being love in the shape of a heated throw. The Beurer XXL HD 150 Heated Throw is made from an amazingly soft and cosy fabric, which looks good, feels good and offers the warm hug, I was hoping for.

Indulge in the Comfort of an Electric Throw

Measuring 200 x 150 centimetres, you can either share your blanket with a loved one or hide yourself under it. The throw is made from super soft material fleece, that is soft and snuggly with high-quality fuzz-free fibres ensuring a cosy experience to help you wind down. The six temperature settings are electronically regulated which means they are accurate and consistent and are easily adjusted with the LED control. In addition, the Beurer safety system guarantees that the over-blanket won’t overheat, turning off automatically after three hours.

I know how easy it is to have the occasional spillage if snuggled with a warm cuppa or indulging in a comforting biscuit or chocolate snack. Fortunately, the Beurer HD 150 is machine washable at 30 degrees and comes with a three-year guarantee – just remember to detach the remote control!

Buying a heated throw can offer several benefits and advantages, depending on your needs and preferences. Here are some reasons why you might consider purchasing or gifting a heated throw:

Warmth and Comfort: The primary reason people buy heated throws is for the warmth and comfort they provide. Heated throws are designed to generate gentle, consistent heat, which can be particularly soothing during colder months or when you’re feeling chilly.

Cost-Effective Heating: With most of us, counting the pennies, heated throws can be a cost-effective way to keep warm in a specific area, such as your living room or bedroom. They use less energy compared to heating an entire room, making them an energy-efficient option.

Localised Heat: If you’re sitting or lying in one spot and want to stay warm without heating the whole room, a heated throw is an excellent choice. This is especially useful if you’re watching TV, reading, or working on your computer.

Pain Relief: Believe it or not, heated throws can provide relief from minor aches and pains. The warmth can help relax muscles and improve blood circulation, which may alleviate discomfort.

 Therapeutic Benefits: Some people find the warmth from heated throws to be calming and stress-relieving. The cosy sensation can create a sense of comfort and well-being.

Versatility: Lightweight and portable, heated throws are easy to move around the house. You can use them on the couch, in bed, or even take them with you on trips.

 Gift Option: These handy gadgets can make thoughtful gifts for friends and family, especially during colder seasons. They combine practicality with a touch of luxury.

Energy Efficiency: As previously mentioned, using a heated throw can help you save on energy costs by allowing you to turn down the thermostat in the rest of the house while you enjoy warmth directly from the throw.

Pre-Warming Bed: If you dislike getting into a cold bed, you can use a heated throw to pre-warm your sheets before you go to sleep.

Customisable Temperature: Many heated throws come with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to tailor the level of warmth to your preference.

Ease of Use: Most heated throws are designed with user-friendly controls, making them easy to operate and adjust.

Established in 1919 in Ulm, Germany, Beurer is a family-owned health and wellness website offering a huge selection of at-home products. Women Talking has tried and tested the heated throw and love it. For more information on all their products visit here.

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