Heist Tights – Perfectly Seamless

Heist Tights – Perfectly Seamless – Tights have always had a place in most women’s and men’s wardrobes for that matter dating as far back as the 15th century when early tights were constructed from woven stockings joined together with a codpiece, sometimes soled on the feet with leather. The 16th century saw hand-knitted stockings from Spain coming to England. This then followed in the fifties with nylon legs being sewn onto a pair of crepe nylon briefs for a more fitting and comfortable experience. Since then we have seen a vast selection of coloured, patterned and textured tights hitting the marketplace for that ultimate fashion accessory.

In 2015 British brand Heist, set out to disrupt the $110B global underwear industry using technology to make radically better underwear, starting with the humble pair of tights.

Unimpressed with how the underwear industry portrayed women, Heist assembled a team of garment innovators to take on the challenge of creating bodywear that should be an asset to your wardrobe and not hold you back.

By looking at how people actually move when wearing clothing, Heist makes garments that are break-through in their design, manufacturing techniques and materials.

Having experienced ‘The Eighty’ tights, I was instantly impressed. The incredible seamless design means that Heist tights don’t dig in, don’t sag, and don’t show that ugly seam through your clothing, which can instantly ruin a perfectly good look. Additionally, you have the option of choosing the height of your waistband for sheer comfort or to work with the style of your outfit.

Benefits of Heist Tights.

No rolling.

Their adaptive waistband is designed so it won’t roll, twist, or dig into you. Available in two designs – Low to sit on your hips, or High to cover your stomach.

No gusset.

The seamless design means a toe-to-toe tube. Uncomfortable centre seams are a thing of the past.

No sagging.

The Heist innovative yarn has 5,000 spirals per inch. Long story short, it’ll last the test of time.

To suit all fashion moments for day or evening wear they offer a super selection regarding coverage and colour.

The Nude RRP £21

These invisible 18-denier tights come in seven shades.

The Thirty RRP £21

Sheer, and lighter than you’d expect – but still robust enough for every day.

The Fifty RRP £22

Always opaque and matte and ultimately their best seller.

The Eighty RRP £24

Keeps the warm in and the winter out. Nothing gets past their 80 deniers.

There is no denying that tights are certainly here to stay and Heist has certainly raised the bar with its innovative designs.

I for one wear tights for various reasons warmth being the foremost: Tights are great at trapping warmth when needed, so perfect for cold winter temperatures.

Modesty is another, with our hemlines ranging from mini to full length to adapt our wardrobe with ease; tights will always give you the body confidence you require.

Appearance– For smooth, unblemished leg confidence, tights are an instant solution.

Colour – Due to the fact tights are available in a great selection of colours most women can find one to match their skin tone or completely alter the colour appearance of their legs in order to match an outfit. Allowing us the versatility to wear short skirts and dresses without needing to shave, wax, tan or put on tanning spray.

On a winter’s day, Heist sells one pair of tights every 15 seconds and has just expanded its range with its answer to shapewear – The Outer Body and The High Waist. The Outer Body is a garment that promises to remove the struggle, sweat and squeezing typically associated with shapewear. This was always the vision of Toby Darbyshire, CEO, and Co-Founder of Heist, when starting the company: he wanted to make bodywear that is comfortable and wearable; disrupting an industry he felt modernising. 

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