Getting Rid of Wrinkles: When to Start Getting Botox

Getting Rid of Wrinkles: When to Start Getting Botox

Like most medical procedures, the use of Botox is not something that should be taken lightly. While plenty of technological strides have been made, it is still vital to note that Botox can have unforeseen consequences for those who are not prepared. It might be considered a generally harmless procedure, but it always pays to err on the side of caution.

Even if you are unhappy with your wrinkles, it is still better to be safe than sorry. A better understanding of the treatment and what you are getting into will eventually lead to a more informed decision. Here are a few things to consider before getting Botox.

Ensure that your chosen doctor is a reputable one

It might come as a surprise, but there have been plenty of situations where a Botox procedure went wrong due to a lack of preparation – not necessarily on the part of the patient. There are some doctors who are more than happy to make use of Botox toxin from less than reputable sources, which increases the risk of counterfeit materials. The use of the toxin from any other source is illegal, which means it is never a bad idea to only seek an appointment with trusted dermatologists with a track record of success. Reputable services include Botox London, among others.

Preventative Botox is useful, but there are risks

Some people choose to make use of the Botox procedure even if the lines on their faces have not entirely set. It is a process known as preventative Botox, and it is often quite useful, but it is still crucial to understand what it entails. After all, Botox is a temporary procedure, which means that the most effective use of preventative Botox is to schedule appointments multiple times throughout the years; otherwise, you will still likely end up with unwanted wrinkles.

That said, it would not be a good idea to start too early. At most, people who are in their late thirties and early forties would be a good starting point, depending on specific circumstances.

When to consider making use of the Botox procedure

Effective use of Botox depends on a number of factors. For example, if you are fond of making faces and have a habit of smiling, it could eventually end up in wrinkles even if your face is at rest. The moment you start noticing that you have lines, even with a rested facial expression, is typically a good time to begin preventative Botox. On the other hand, if you have a job that involves continually being exposed to the sun such as a lifeguard or a truck driver, you will likely notice deeper wrinkles early on in life. In such cases, the use of Botox even in the early thirties is not unheard of, and perhaps also ideal.

While the decision rests with you, it is still essential to understand what getting Botox entails. Keep in mind that your health must always be the top priority, no matter the scenario.

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