Charity Coffee Mornings: Why Are They Effective Fundraisers?

Charity Coffee Mornings: Why Are They Effective Fundraisers?

Charity Coffee Mornings: Why Are They, Effective Fundraisers? Charity coffee mornings are all the rage. In some places, there is at least one hosted every weekend. Churches host them, hospitals host them, and others are simply one-off events that are designed to get everyone together for a fundraiser. They can have raffles, they can have a homemade bakery and best of all, they have a great atmosphere. So, what makes these coffee mornings so popular? We explore this guide.

Sometimes simplicity is best

 There might not be the glitz and glamour that comes from a music gig or the personal achievement you get from a marathon, but there is a lot to love about a simple coffee morning.

For one thing, they are the best of mass participation events in that they are something that everyone can get involved with. Not all of us have the stamina for a gig or a marathon, but there’s no need to worry about stamina when you’re being served coffee and a cake from a friendly volunteer.

They’re calm, for the most part, and therefore allow for everyone from all walks of life to join in. Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee? It’s a communal event to get a cup of coffee. It happens between friends, on dates, and between family members.

Community spirit

 Coffee mornings also feel very intimate. Even if you are going to the biggest collection of mugs and people in the world, there is something that feels private about coffee morning.

This wide collection of different demographics of people in one space makes for a lot of conversation. Typically, coffee mornings are quite small, held in the local community centre or church hall, and allow for all the neighbours to get together for a catch-up. In rural areas, they’re a good way for the new folks to integrate into a low-pressure situation, and in more populous areas they allow you to get to know someone new.

Avoid the manufactured fun feeling

 And that aspect of pressure is somewhat there in other types of events. If you were to put on a music gig or a sports day event, there is pressure to either perform or simply have fun. If you’re not a fan of games night but you prefer a night talking through a movie or a bottle of wine, you’re someone who will love coffee mornings. The pressure is off, you can focus on who you’re talking to without everything grinding to a halt to explain the rules of the board game etc. That’s not to say you can’t incorporate activities. If you’re hosting regular coffee mornings, it might be fun to shake things up.

Starbucks is taking over the world for a reason

And because of this universal appeal, the fundraising aspect of fundraisers does particularly well with coffee mornings. You can charge for entry or charge per coffee and cake. And because everyone is there to have at least one cup of coffee, you can reach that fundraising goal even quicker. Let’s face it, charity is about money, like most things, and coffee is a great way to get money out of people – even more so when it’s for a good cause.

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