Geomag Magnetic Construction Sets

Geomag Magnetic Construction Sets

Creating products of the highest standards of quality and sustainability

Geomag Magnetic Construction Sets – Geomag emerged in 1998 with its patented magnetic construction system, which was the first of its kind, appealing to kids ranging from the ages of 1-8+.

Creating products of the highest standards of quality and sustainability, Geomag uses simple elements including magnetic rods and metal spheres which when combined cause a force of attraction to build endless unique structures.

Geomag Magnetic Construction Sets

Geomag offers four main platforms: the first being Magicube for ages 1-5, the second Classic for ages 3-99, the third Mechanics for 7+ year olds and the fourth the Pro-L for ages 8+. These platforms include activity packs ranging in different sizes, colours, and elements with hours of play, problem-solving and education.

Their vision is for everyone who plays with their toys, regardless of age, to feel that spark of creativity, learn through this experience and have fun. I must say that playing around with this activity absolutely sparked a different sort of creativity that I would usually use in my everyday life. It allowed me to fully immerse myself into a physical activity where I could let my imagination run wild but also think about the foundations I would need to implement whilst creating.

Geomag Magnetic Construction Sets

Something that appealed to me back when was a kid and still to this day was the fact that the fun was limitless and different every time you used it. There is no right or wrong way to play with Geomag and it encourages the person to keep trying and build upon previous attempts. I believe this would be particularly helpful for developing a young mind as it encourages them to learn from mistakes and if something didn’t work or if someone wants to create something bigger and more challenging, they can use all they have learnt from previous creations meaning that they gain more knowledge and allows them to go further and gain more of an understanding of where to go/ what to do next.

It engages a different part of the mind that allows you to stay present and focused. I found it to be a very mindful activity because it challenges both creativity and intelligence which helps to think outside of the box.

Geomag mixes science with pure magic making magnetism a fascinating subject, especially to a young mind’s imagination. It also appeals to and is appropriate for all genders which means kids of different ages can play together.

Not only is this a fun activity but it is also educational. It allows you to build a 3-dimensional construction and understand the elements it takes to make that sort of construction. Geomag has set up an initiative designed to take construction platforms into schools.

Across the globe, Geomag has been used as a teaching tool but now they have partnered with these teachers and developed products that have been designed for classroom use for a unique educational experience from early learning up to secondary school.

I believe that this is a perfect collatable gift. A great birthday or Christmas gift idea so that each year when a new set is received you can build upon the previous kits and make new things as you can use all the sets together. It’s even a great activity to share with friends when playing and designing together.

Geomag can encourage independent creativity and thinking as well as a social experience. It can encourage kids to play together, work as a team, share and come up with imaginative designs that they can all participate in.

I really love the bright colours used throughout the activity packs and especially the glitter and glow packs which add another element of fun and spark a whole different level of creativity!

Geomag has something for everyone and brings people together. It could be the perfect addition for all the family to enjoy this Christmas.

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