Aquis Hair Turban

Aquis Hair Turban

My hair care routine has always been pretty minimal partly because I don’t have the patience with blow-drying and styling. My preference is to leave my hair to air-dry after washing (lazy perhaps!) however; the downside to this is that it leaves my hair looking very flat and difficult to style afterward.

Fortunately, Aquis has come to my rescue with The Aquis Luxe Hair Turban, which claims to prevent damage and bad hair days!

The Turbans are made of Aquitex, which is an innovative fabric woven from ultra-fine fibres to create a lightweight material it has been engineered to restore hair to its natural healthy state by quickly wicking, which means it absorbs excess water by a capillary action to minimise water residue on the hair.

Leaving your hair waterlogged weakens it, leading to cuticle and hair breakage, which causes frizz, damage, tangles, and dullness otherwise known to many of us as a very bad hair day!

The Aquis Hair Turban comes beautifully packaged in a translucent soft plastic bag which, I am happy to say are recyclable, water resistant and particularly handy when travelling! There is also an orange tie on the bag, which is a free gift, a silicon hair tie. 

The actual hair turban itself is an incredibly soft material that is woven, not knitted, Aquitex does not release microplastics into our water systems, meaning no pollution to the oceans. The hair turbans and towels come in a variety of different colours on their website.

Benefits – Reduces drying time by 50%.

Reduces heat damage, especially on wet hair.

Hair feels more hydrated and less brittle.

Helps to reduce frizz, hair breakage and split ends.

Helps hair colour stay vibrant for longer.

Makes styling faster and easier.

Improves hair manageability. 

Aquis is also in partnership with Code For Fun, an organization that envisions a future where all students grades K-12, of all genders and races, develop their critical thinking and creative skills through access to innovative computer science education. These skills can be leveraged beyond computer science, allowing students to be successful digital citizens and architects of our future. Code For Fun impacted 4,718 students during 2018, through after-school programs designed for both learners and trainers as per CSTA standards. Together, they hope to inspire students of today to never stop creating and to always continue learning.

How to use – After washing your hair, gently squeeze excess water from hair with the turban. Do not rub.

Flip hair forward, placing the turban on the head with button at the nape of the neck.

Twist turban, starting at the top of the head, and then pull back and secure loop around the button at the nape of the neck. 

Leave on until the hair is damp to the touch.

For best results, wash turban before the first usage with a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener. 

Cost – RRP £30 Lisse Luxe Hair Turban available on the Aquis website here 

My star rating: ★★★★★

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