A Yoga Wheel Workout

A Yoga Wheel Workout

A Yoga Wheel Workout – Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise believed to have started with the very dawn of civilization.  The ancient form of exercise focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are posture and breathing. 

I was recently introduced to the Yoga Wheel and having practised yoga for many years I was intrigued to find out more and how I can incorporate this into my exercise sessions.

The yoga wheel is a hollow, circular-shaped prop that has been designed for aiding stretching, releasing the tension, and improving flexibility. Due to its versatility, you can roll on it, lie on it, lay on it and breathe on it to help you to stretch deeper and release tension in hard-to-access places.

It was designed to help us relieve bad posture by stretching the front of our bodies while massaging the back and releasing tension. It helps stretch our chest, rib cage, shoulders, hips, and shoulders and will also aid back pains and is suitable for individuals of all ages, body types, and all levels, from beginners to experts.

Though yoga wheels have been around for centuries, their popularity has recently increased. Both experienced and new enthusiasts are eager to learn more about the wheels which will allow you to improve your mobility and achieve deeper stretches, as well as a wonderful tool for balancing yourself and building strength.

Yoga wheels are available in various sizes. Therefore, to get the most benefit from your wheel, you will need to choose the right size that is comfortable for you. Yoga Props the online Yoga equipment shop offers several sizes to choose from, determined by your practice and personal needs. 

A Yoga Wheel Workout

To make the positions as easy as possible, releasing tension and targeting certain muscles, it is suggested to start with a smaller wheel. However, larger wheels may provide support and provide a solid counterbalance. It will also give you more room to go deeper into a certain posture while at the same time giving you what you need in terms of stability. Although it might be difficult to balance with one foot on the wheel, the yoga wheel can help strengthen your whole body in several ways. Generally, there are standard, small, and micro-sized wheel sizes in the Yoga Props selection. The most popular is the size which is 12 inches in diameter.

By practising yoga, you can:

Improve body strength. Yoga is a fantastic strengthening practice. Yoga helps to strengthen the muscles that support the body’s weight and is also fantastic for building core strength. This improves athletic performance and your functionality in everyday life, as well as improving your posture.

Increases flexibility. Yoga postures and sequences help to increase the body’s range of motion. The mindful approach of yoga helps to ensure that stretching is done safely, allowing the nervous system to release the muscles into gentle, effective stretches. This reduces the risk of injuring ligaments and tendons. 

Keep your joints healthy. Yoga will strengthen the muscles around the joints, helping to stabilise them. By moving the joints in their full range of motion, yoga can help to promote better joint health. The mobilisation of the joints improves the flow of synovial fluid, which lubricates them, allowing for smooth and healthy movement of the bones. Synovial fluid also delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to the joint cartilage, helping to restore it and keep it healthy.

Increase your mindfulness. Yoga is about uniting the mind, body, and breath. Doing this helps to bring you into the present moment. Mindfulness has proven benefits for a whole range of health conditions and is particularly effective in promoting positive mental health. Mindfulness practices have been shown to strengthen the immune system, improve social relationships and reduce depression, anxiety, and neuroticism. 

Reduce stress. The focus, centring and breathing of yoga all help to reduce stress and can be the ideal antidote to a hectic modern lifestyle. Yoga can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, physically and mentally.

Lower blood pressure. Having high blood pressure is a serious medical condition, which is associated with an increased risk of both heart attacks and strokes. As well as reducing stress, which can be a contributing factor to high blood pressure, several aspects of yoga practice are thought to directly improve blood pressure. The relaxation and deep breathing of yoga can reduce high blood pressure even after the practice is finished.

Improve breathing. Controlled breathing can increase energy levels and relax the muscles while reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Encourage your body’s natural healing process. The strengthening and lengthening effects of yoga can improve mobility and function, helping the body to recover from physical injury. And the benefits for mental health can lead to improved sleep patterns and enhanced wellbeing, greatly improving your quality of life.

For more information regarding the Yoga Wheel visit Yoga Props

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