A Passion for Colour

A Passion for Colour

A Passion for Colour – Whether bleached, balayage, box dyed or done by a pro, colour-treated hair requires extra upkeep at home.

As a huge fan of the Philip Kingsley philosophy and hair care products, I was more than happy to try the new Pure Colour Range for stronger, healthy hair and 100% longer-lasting colour.

Locking in the good and blocking out the bad, the regime promises to optimise the condition of the hair and scalp extending the time between salon visits, which in turn will save on pennies…

A Passion for Colour

Philip Kingsley knows how dispiriting brittle; frizzy hair can make consumers feel and the challenge of fading colour and damaged strands is one their Trichologists hear often. The Pure Colour range delivers a 360-hair care regime featuring a sulphate-free Anti-Fade Shampoo, Reviving Conditioner and Frizz-Fighting Gloss.

The specialist actives in Philip Kingsley’s Pure Colour range help to protect and counteract the key challenges of colour-treating the hair:

Overexposure to sun, heated styling tools, certain sulphates and high-pH products can accelerate colour fading and cause dehydration. It’s a vicious cycle: the more hair is coloured, the more fragile and weakened the hairs become. 75% of women colour their hair, whether at home or in the salon. Alongside this, colour fade is the 5th biggest hair concern amongst women, with 24% identifying this as their top concern. The Pure Colour regime has been developed to help our customers and clients in the clinic improve colour longevity and hair health while caring for the scalp post-colour treatment. It locks in colour and nourishes the hair, reducing fade as well as breakage – Anabel Kingsley. Brand President and Consultant Trichologist

How it works

Fade: Positively charged cationic polymers in the formulas adhere to the negatively charged surface of the hair, sealing the cuticle to create an intelligent barrier. This barrier locks in colour and moisture and blocks out damaging factors, such as UV and heat and therefore free-radical pollutants. Philip Kingsley’s Frizz Fighting Gloss formula also adds mirror-like shine to colour processed hair, making hair colour appear brighter with 88% of users agreeing on any frizz was tamed and 87% agreeing hair looked shiner.

Damage: The protein-based complex of the Pure Colour Anti-Fade Shampoo addresses the integrity, strength and elasticity of the hair, maximising colour retention, and resistance to breakage. Whilst the Betaine sugar beet derivative provides moisturisation in Pure Colour Reviving Conditioner along with Pataua Oil to strengthen the internal structure and cuticle of the hair.

Scalp: Naturally derived actives contained in the Pure Colour Anti-Fade Shampoo soothe and condition dry and damaged scalps resulting from contact with aggressive chemicals used in the hair colouring process.

For more information visit Philip Kingsley here.

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