Award-winning Philip Kingsley Hair Care

Award-winning Philip Kingsley Hair Care

Award-winning Philip Kingsley Hair Care – Philip Kingsley Trichology is about complete wellness for your hair and scalp, from the inside out. They believe in a holistic, hands-on approach to hair care that not just focuses on the products you use but is on how you care for yourself too. Each product is designed not only to improve your hair’s appearance – but to improve its long-term health and strength.

Philip Kingsley’s passion for hair started at age 16 when he began assisting at his uncle’s hairdressing salon in London’s East End. Unable to afford university, he started saving money to study at the Institute of Trichologists, studying the science of the hair and scalp. Even at this early age, Philip recognised the profound psychological significance of hair for both men and women. He understood like no one else how important your hair is to your self-esteem and dedicated his career to helping people achieve the very best hair they could.

His profound care and insight led him to accomplish many firsts in his field. He was the first hair professional to encourage hair health through nutrition and wellbeing. He coined the phrase ‘bad hair day’, and created the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioner, Elasticizer, personally for Audrey Hepburn. His expertise bridged the gap between science and beauty and earned him many awards and accolades. He was referred to as the Hair Guru by the New York Times, the Hair Wizard by Vogue, and the Hair Doctor by the Sunday Times.

Philip’s passion and warmth inspired his daughter Anabel Kingsley to follow in his footsteps. As a brand President and a respected Trichologist in her own right, Anabel is dedicated to continuing Philip’s legacy into the next generation of hair care.

Women Talking has been trialling Philip Kingsley’s Body Building hair care range that is specifically formulated for your scalp and hair texture and condition. The range has been formulated to give your fine, limp hair life and shine and consists of the following:

Body Building Weightless Shampoo is packed with Hydrolyzed Keratin that works on strengthening the hair and improving its fullness. Copolymers control flyaways and static; Natural Cellulose plumps and thicken the texture of fine strands; and Keratin Proteins, as mentioned help strengthen your hair and improve its overall fullness. Body Building Weightless Shampoo adds volume and bounce from root to tip. It also aids styling and blow-drying by making fine hair easier to control.

Body Building Weightless Conditioner thickens the appearance of each individual strand, hydrating and leaving the hair smooth. As a vegan product, it contains Wheat Protein to help strengthen, volumize and plump hair strands. Behentrimonium Chloride helps to smooth cuticles, add gloss, and detangle. Whilst Silicone helps to add shine and reduce static. Even the finest hair is left bouncy, smooth and shiny.

Maximiser Root Boosting Spray is a heat-activated styling aid that provides residue-free root lift and controls frizz. It adds body and volume to fine, lightweight, and limp hair types. Delivers residue-free texture to roots, leaving hair feeling naturally fuller and thicker.

The ingredients in their volumising & thickening spray provide superb body, maximum volume and hold, and reflective shine. Surface Resins add volume and hold for styling. Protein and conditioning agents smooth and protect hair to improve its condition. Polyamide (sunscreen) UV protectors help to shield the hair from sun damage, fighting against colour fade and UV damage.

Maximiser Strand Plumping Cream is a weightless formula that is a must to bulk fine hair and add instant body to the hair!

Infused with the delicate fragrance of Cherry Blossom, the weightless formula nourishes the hair. It includes Wheat Protein for impressive volume and is enriched with a Multi-Vitamin Complex to leave your hair smooth, shiny, and easy to control. It smoothes frizz and helps to revive fine, limp locks leaving hair healthy and beautiful.

As a family-owned business Philip Kingsley cares deeply about the future of our planet. That is why their beautiful new packaging is made from renewable resources, sourced from sugarcane, with a carbon-negative footprint.

Traditionally produced plastic is not a planet-friendly option, but sugarcane bioplastic made from sugarcane-derived ethanol, as well as Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic crafted from discarded plastic items such as drinks bottles, are far better options for our environment.

To find the correct hair care products for you, try the Philip Kingsley hair quiz here

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