4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Pattern in Your Home

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Pattern in Your Home

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Pattern in Your Home – Is your home a little boring and bland? Often, homeowners use blocks of colour in rooms and after a while, this can get dull. Indeed, you may love the colours today, but you soon want a change. Well, why not experiment with patterns in your home? This can be a great way to switch things up. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider using patterns in different rooms.

Adds Interest

 First of all, and the obvious advantage of patterns, is that it is going to add interest. If you find that you want into a room and you are not mesmerised by what you see, this can be a sign that you need some pattern in your life. You can add a variety of patterned accessories or even choose patterned wallpaper. This is going to grab your eye and make the room a lot more interesting. It can also change the vibe you feel when you are spending time in this room.

Reflects Personality

Remember that your home is all about you. This is where you live and you should feel like it reflects who you are. This is why a lot of people like patterns. You can choose patterns that are going to show off your personality. This could include bright geometric patterns and colours or your favourite animal. There are a lot of different patterns out there that you can experiment with. For instance, check out the patterned lampshades from Penny Morrison for some inspiration and ideas of how a lampshade can really transform the ambient light of a room. You may be surprised at how small but significant accessories like this can change a room.

Uplift Your Mood

Let’s not forget that home décor should be fun. In other words, you should have fun decorating your home and feel good once it is finished. This is the great thing about patterns; they can make you feel good about where you live. A lot of dull colours everywhere can bring your mood down. But, with the right pattern, you can be ready to work, have the energy to start the day or relax for a good night’s rest. Take your time to choose the right pattern that can influence your mood in the right way. You can choose to go bright and bold or calm and serene. There are so many out there that you are going to love.

Hide Imperfections

For a number of reasons, your home might not be perfect. Perhaps you have just moved into a traditional property or you have children and pets running around. This can mean that accidents happen. Well, that is why a lot of homeowners love patterns. They can help to hide the imperfections in your home. They can draw your eye away from the problem, which is good for you in your own home, as well as when visitors come over. Whether this is a dent in the wall, a stained run or even a rip in the sofa, a pattern somewhere in the room can make sure that this imperfect goes unnoticed.

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