World's First VEGAN Liquid Collagen

World’s First VEGAN Liquid Collagen

Revive Collagen is a game-changing ingestible skincare brand, specifically developed to fight the signs of ageing

World’s First VEGAN Liquid Collagen – The phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ is a fundamental principle of modern health and beauty care. Keeping my beauty regime as natural as possible I was excited to see a new addition to the Revive Collagen range.

Revive Collagen is a game-changing ingestible skincare brand, specifically developed to fight the signs of ageing. Being a leader in the field of liquid collagen supplements Revive Collagen, is taking ready-to-drink collagen to the next level by adding the world-first vegan collagen to its line of leading, premium liquid collagen supplements. Having previously tried the Revive Collagen Original, Women Talking were keen to experience their latest addition to the range too.

What is the importance of Collagen?

Collagen is the main component in human skin and accounts for nearly 80% of it. So, when our collagen production slows down, our skin develops wrinkles.

Though the human body creates collagen naturally, the amount of collagen, it creates decreases over time. From our early twenties, it starts to decline at a rate of 1.5% a year and by the age of 60, most women have lost 80% of their collagen levels. As it does, our skin and body begin to lose their ability to bounce back.

However, we can help to slow this process down, by drinking Revive Collagen daily, it can help to boost the body’s collagen levels and slow down this structural decline of the skin and other bodily components. It decreases the speed of ageing by stimulating the creation of collagen and hyaluronic acid in our bodies.

With an increasing desire to balance beauty and wellness, whilst caring for our planet, Revive Collagen Vegan offers the most effective solution to beauty enthusiasts, vegans and those looking to make more sustainable beauty choices that don’t compromise on quality or results.

Presented in a 14-sachet box  (for best result one sachet is recommended daily) you can buy the boxes individually or sign up for the subscribe & save option.

Revive Collagen Vegan includes: 2,500mg of vegan collagen that identically mimics human type 1 collagen.

Panax Ginseng – Renowned for antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

Retinol (Vitamin A) helps to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production, leaving skin brighter and more youthful looking.

Vitamin B6 – Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the normal function of the nervous system, psychological function, and normal red blood cell formation as a function of the immune system.

Vitamin B7 (Biotin) – Helps to stimulate keratin production and promotes healthy hair. Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and skin, plus the normal functioning of the nervous system

Vitamins C & D – 100% of RDA of Vitamin C. Both offer antioxidant properties as well as visibly brighten the skin tone and reduce signs of ageing. This helps to Contribute to the normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin.

Vitamin E – Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Raspberry flavour – for a pleasant drinking experience.

 There have been some ground-breaking clinical trials with outstandingly positive results regarding their findings, which you can find on the website here

I have added my collagen sachet to my daily intake and looking forward to seeing an overall improvement in my skin, a reduction in wrinkles, and an increase in collagen density. The liquid supplement has a 95% absorption rate compared to tablets (30%) therefore results should be noticed in as little as 4 weeks.

Poppy Watt

Welcome to Women Talking.

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