Over the Moo Plant Based Ice Cream Bites

Over the Moo Plant Based Ice Cream Bites

Timeless Vanilla and an Indulgent Caramel

Over the Moo Plant-Based Ice Cream Bites – Ice cream is a go-to option for cooling off and enjoying the season.

While ice cream is undeniably popular in the summer, Women Talking looks at what draws us to our favourites. We all have different preferences and concepts of what suits the moment, and the marketplace is flooded with a multitude of options, so how do we choose?

For reasons of nostalgia, we are pleased to confirm that our friends at Over the Moo have launched a new bite-sized ice cream in the form of the ever-popular choc ice.

The combination of the smooth ice cream interior and the crispy chocolate coating creates a distinctive texture and taste that can trigger sensory memories from the past.

A generous portion of ice cream enrobed in sublime dark chocolate as an anytime-of-day treat personally is associated with carefree and joyful times.

The choc ice format has been around for decades, and the basic concept and flavours have remained relatively consistent over time. Over the Moo has opened the choc ice world to plant-based customers too and taken the finest coconut milk dairy-free ice cream and turned it into bite-sized chunks of top-notch, plant-based happiness.

Over the Moo 8 chunk ‘sharing bags’ come in a Timeless Vanilla and an Indulgent Caramel and are free-from gluten or any nasty artificial colourings and having tried both, we can confirm they are delicious. On top of that they are presented in a handy recycled and recyclable pouch too.

We think Ice cream is often considered a summertime treat for several reasons:

Refreshing and Cooling: with its cold and creamy texture ice cream provides immediate relief from the heat. It helps lower your body temperature and provides a refreshing sensation, making it especially enjoyable during hot weather.

Outdoor Activities: Summer often involves outdoor picnics, barbecues, and other gatherings. Ice cream can be a fun and easy dessert option for such events, adding to its popularity during the season.

Nostalgia and Memories: Many people have fond memories of enjoying ice cream during their summer vacations, at the beach, or at amusement parks. These nostalgic associations contribute to the perception of ice cream as a quintessential summer treat.

Over the Moo, in its original tub incarnation, was born in Australia (2015) when lactose-intolerant ice cream aficionado, Alexander Houseman became disillusioned by all the sub-standard dairy-free ice cream he’d tried.  Fast forward a few years and Brit Simon Goodman saw Alex on Australia’s equivalent of Dragon’s Den and knew he’d found the base product for his dairy-free, mini bites choc ice concept.

Having worked on choc ice concepts from an agency perspective in his youth, Simon was convinced that this nostalgic ice cream treat had historically missed a beat by always settling for sub-standard ice cream and instantly forgettable dark chocolate coatings.

Poppy Watt

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