What’s the Process for Retaking A-Levels?

What’s the Process for Retaking A-Levels?

What’s the Process for Retaking A-Levels?- Many students dream of entering university, but they need to have good grades at A-Levels. The grade requirement varies, depending on the educational institution and the degree the student wants to pursue.

Grades can fluctuate, so the A-Level scores might not meet the requirements of the university or the college course. But students still have options, such as using Clearing if they want to go straight to university. With Clearing, the student can enter a college or university that still has places to fill in some available courses. However, Clearing has various conditions the students should meet, and they may have few choices in the course to pursue.

The other option is to prepare for A Level retakes if the student wants to enter their preferred educational institution and pursue the course they want. This might be a more worthwhile option if you are willing to devote about a year to prepare for the retake. They can take the A-Levels or resit the exams depending on the course.

  1. Prepare for an A-Level retake

In recent years, the system introduced reforms for A-Levels, such as moving from a modular approach to a linear method. With the linear mode, the assessment of the course’s content is through the exams at the course’s end. With the new reform, a student who wants to improve their A-Level grade may resit the entire A-Level exam in May or June. However, it is now possible to carry forward the marks you made from your past attempts.

  1. Determine where to retake the A-Levels

When you have decided to retake the A-Levels, the next step is to choose where you want to study. Again, you have a few options. Therefore, it is vital to pick the option that will best fit your need and the highest chance to improve your grades.

Your options on places to study:

  • Your old school. You can enrol in your previous school, but you need to check if it allows students to resit. In this setting, you will take the lessons in the classroom and sit the exam again.
  • At a sixth-form or college. You can enrol in college or sixth form if you do not want to go back to your former school. The classes are smaller and specialised to ensure the students perform well in the exams.
  • Online. The option is more flexible and affordable. You will have a tutor, but you will work at your own pace. You can study where you want and resit your exams in person together with your classmates. However, you are responsible for booking the place where to take the exams.

The A-Level exam needs an advanced booking of about six months.

  1. Prepare the fees

Retaking the A-Levels requires two kinds of fees. First, you should pay for the tuition and course materials. The rate varies depending on where you enrolled. The exam centre determines the rate of exam fees.

Many students retake their A-Levels based on their decision to pursue a specific course. Most universities accept retakes. Thus, you should prepare to ensure that you get the grades you need.

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