Ways to Wisely Use T-Shirts for Advertising Your Business

Ways to Wisely Use T-Shirts for Advertising Your Business 

Giving free merchandise to your loyal customers is an excellent way to retain their loyalty. You are always asking them to buy stuff from you. This time, you are switching things up, and deciding to give something without asking for anything in return. You need to be creative in handing out the free shirts though; otherwise, you are wasting the chance to create an excellent reputation for your business.

Bring shirts when pitching to new clients

It does not mean that you can convince your potential clients because you are handing out free shirts. However, you are showing a sign of how generous you are. It may translate in other scenarios as you pursue your partnership. Clients who do not have a favourable view of your business might start to change their minds.

Host a social media contest

For added publicity, you can let everyone know that you are giving out free shirts. You can host a competition where winners receive the elusive prize. You create a level of excitement even among those who are yet to patronise the products you offer. 

Actively target inactive customers

You might have had customers in the past who are no longer buying your products now. They might consider other options which offer them something better than what you offer. It does not mean though that they see your product as less effective. Hence, you could still change their minds and convince them to give your products another chance through the free merchandise you are giving away.

Distribute shirts during trade shows 

When people visit booths during trade shows and conferences, they expect to receive something for free. Usually, companies offer pens, notebooks and key chains. These are small and inexpensive items. Shirts are quite expensive, and no one would expect to receive one from a regular trade show. If you are handing out shirts, you might attract more people to come to your booth. Not all of them will become your customers, but they will at least give your brand a closer look.

Bundle shirts with your products

If your customers purchase a specific amount of goods from your store, you could throw in a free shirt too. It shows them that you appreciate their decision to buy from you. Yes, you already convinced them to choose your products, but you can ask them to repurchase the next time because of the shirt that you included in the bundle.

Find the right design 

You want to use shirts for advertising, but you also want to ensure that you are giving out something people will appreciate. If the shirt fabric is of low-quality or the shirt has your company name printed all over it, you cannot expect people to wear it. You need the right design that allows people to wear the shirt on regular days. Once you finalise the plan, you can check out the best company for t-shirt and garment printing and distribute the shirts. 

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