Unique Countries to Visit on Your Next Holiday

Unique Countries to Visit on Your Next Holiday

Unique Countries to Visit on Your Next Holiday – Are you planning a holiday but don’t want to go to the usual suspects that are overflowing with tourist crowds over the summer season? We all know a friend or family member going to Italy, Greece or Spain for their summer holidays, which just goes to show how popular these countries are.

However, if you want a holiday that offers something different, there are plenty of unique destinations that deserve a spot on your bucket list. They might be a bit further away, but these countries will offer fresh perspectives on how different communities live their lives and expose you to cultures and activities you never even dreamed of doing.


For anyone who fancies testing their limits in some of the lushest landscapes in the world, Uganda has it all. Located in eastern Africa, Uganda is one of the wetter countries on the continent, which means there are plenty of rainforests, jungles and lakes to explore.

A day exploring this country will undoubtedly feature a shower in a secluded waterfall, a live spotting of a mountain gorilla during a stunning hike, or a boat trip across one of Uganda’s many large bodies of water that attracts wildlife from near and far.


A pleasant alternative to touristy Costa Rica and Panama, Nicaragua offers a more authentic overview of life in Central America. It’s also known as the ‘Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’, which should give you an idea about the kind of landscapes you’re going to come across on your trip.

It’s jam-packed with adventure, from surfing in San Juan del Sur to hiking the two joined volcanoes that makeup Ometepe Island, immersing yourself in all the culture of “New” León and really testing your limits with a spot of volcano boarding. The phrase ‘only in Nicaragua!’ comes to mind.


It’s not exactly an undiscovered gem, but India can never be explored to its fullest. A vast country with unknown pockets around each corner, every street, city and temple is bursting with life and vitality.

Before organising your tour to India, decide first which area you would like to see, be that the north or south, and plan your itinerary accordingly. They might be within the same country, but you’ll find the culture, food and weather to be entirely different!


Perhaps the country that gets overlooked the most often in Southeast Asia, Laos sits prettily between tourist juggernauts Vietnam and Thailand. And it has just as much to offer as its neighbours, even though it’s a much smaller country.

Still bearing marks from the French colonial rule, explore Luang Prabang and all the treasures and great food it has there before discovering Laos’ wealth of waterfalls, tiny riverside villages and caves. And unlike in Thailand and Vietnam, you won’t be spending most of your day queuing for these attractions!

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