Spending Christmas in London – Where to Go?

Spending Christmas in London – Where to Go?

Spending Christmas in London – Where to Go? – It is, unavoidably, the festive season now. Christmas music is blaring in supermarkets, festive adverts are adorning our television screens, and that near-imperceptible pressure behind your eyes that’s begging you to sort out Christmas gifts is growing by the second. Christmas can be a stressful time, sure – but it is also a magical one, particularly if you let your wanderlust take the wheel for a moment.

One of the most magical places you can go for a festive jaunt would have to be the nation’s capital. London is, if anything, a playground of Arctic-Circular proportions, with something for just about everyone in just about every borough, let alone zone. If you’re looking forward to a Christmassy visit to the capital, what are some of the better things you should be doing with your time?

Christmas Lights

London is a character of its own at Christmas, and there is little better to demonstrate this than how it looks under festive lighting. There are Christmas lights all over, all of which could be draw enough for you on your special festive visit. There are amazing Christmas lights events in quiet places across the city, including unassuming parts like West Norwood. A short hop from here to London Bridge can see you spending an excellent evening drinking in lights displays from the local to the loco.

Christmas Markets

London is already well-known for its markets year-round, but the holiday period brings markets of a different calibre entirely. Again, the city is your oyster – and you’ll be spoilt for choice as you explore it. Spitalfields Christmas Market is an absolute must-visit, though, if only for the sheer breadth of festive goods you’ll find for sale; there are also Christmas events and activities to enjoy, including a unique and touching theatre production!

Christmas at Kew

For a slightly different pace of festive cheer, look no further than south-west London for Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens, again, is a fantastic place to visit all year round, but at Christmas it becomes a fantastical winter trail with mesmerising lights and immersive sounds to boot. There are also street food vendors galore here, selling seasonal treats both hot and cold so you can indulge all your senses while touring this inimitable botanical marvel.

The Southbank Centre Winter Festival

Finally, we come to the cultural, with the Southbank Centre Winter Festival. The South Bank of the Thames is one of the best places to visit in central London, for all its cultural landmarks and mainstays; it quite simply gets better at Christmas. The Winter Festival is a pre-eminently magical cornucopia of independent pop-ups and illustrious exhibitions, which is a non-negotiable must-visit for any temporarily London-bound festive traveller.

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