Travel More Sustainably with Ringana

Travel More Sustainably with Ringana

Travel More Sustainably with Ringana – Although I actively question the ingredients in my beauty products, I must say I have not been so vigilant when it comes to the expiry date.

 This inspired my interest in the beauty range of Ringana. Founded in 1996, Ringana is a pioneering Austrian company in the natural skincare and food supplements industry, who are proud to endorse the expiry date on its products, emphasising the absolute freshness of effective products with natural ingredients used in their products.

Focusing on the pure ingredients and nothing else leaves space for an extremely high concentration of active ingredients and highly antioxidant natural substances that cannot be used in conventional skin care products, using no chemical preservatives. The result is valuable, highly effective fresh skin care, making Ringana products quite unique.

Travel More Sustainably with Ringana

Women Talking had the opportunity to try the Fresh Sunscreen SPF 20 to help protect skin from the sun’s increasing strength. The waterproof and nano-free formulation relies on the natural mineral sun protection filter, zinc oxide. Thanks to the innovative formulation, the product is easy to apply and transparent, giving you an even tan and intensive all-around protection against sun-related skin ageing. Perfect for anybody who wants to avoid synthetic UV filters.

Daily sun protection should now become an integral part of your morning routine protecting the sensitive skin of the face and body from harmful exposure to the sun. Thanks to the perfectly balanced formulation with sun protection factor, their sun creams are quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky residue.

With summer in full force, we now need to optimally prepare our skin and hair for the warm weather because the increasingly intensive sun’s rays, salt water, or chlorine in swimming pools can damage not only our skin but also the hair and scalp. Apart from wearing a head covering and sunglasses, and regularly applying sunscreen, we must be ‘sun smart’ when it comes to the warmer weather.

We particularly liked the Ringana travel sets:

Right on time for the main holiday season, Ringana launches their travel sets with eco-friendly pouches meaning you don’t have to compromise even on holiday as you can take them on any flight in hand luggage.

The practical foil pouches are 100% PCR – post-consumer recycled plastic. Mono material is the ultimate pioneer in terms of recycling, and its 100 per cent recyclability makes it a real winner. Other sustainability features are a 20% reduction in the packaging weight, and thanks to the oxygen barrier layer, their high-quality formulations are well protected.

To keep you well-groomed from head to toe the travel sets are available in three different versions to suit every skin type –  FRESH travel set lightFRESH travel set medium and FRESH travel set rich – plus, in the interests of sustainability, each set comes in a handy, transparent RINGANA travel bag (approx. 20 x 25 cm) made of recycled PET.

For more information visit the Ringana website here.

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