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The Kindr Company Cares – Kinder on your skin, kinder to your planet.

Like many of us, hand sanitisers are now high on our priority list of essential toiletries. Being a vital addition for health, safety and hygiene reasons, I have bottles of the substance scattered around the home, in my car, office and also in my handbag. 

I feel over the months, hand sanitisers and face coverings were products in the same category which we all felt was not here to stay. However, now both are necessities that will be with us for some time to come. Consequently, I am beginning to become an expert on the different types of hand sanitisers available on the market and looking closer at the future issues they may have to the condition of our skin and hands.

Before the latest full lockdown, we happily enter shops, coffee bars, and restaurants utilising the hand sanitisers on offer, experiencing a cocktail of unknown ingredients without a second thought. With a mixed variety of fragrances, an array of consistencies and drying abilities. It’s no wonder I am now suffering the consequences with itchy, dry, sore hands!

The Kindr Company
Kate Thompson founder of The Kindr Company

I was thrilled to have the chance to try a foaming hand sanitiser developed by Kate Thompson founder of The Kindr Company. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable, reusable and refillable! 

Kindr foaming sanitiser has been developed by UK scientists. Their expertise lies in making potions that work in conjunction with mothers who demanded safer and kinder solutions to protect the whole family from the youngest members to the oldest, whilst being gentle on their skin.

The alcohol-free solution is a water-based formulation, and, unlike alcohol gels, it prevents the skin from drying out. The hydrating sanitiser dispenses in a super light foaming texture and absorbs into the skin within 30 seconds and can keep hands protected for up to 4 hours ensuring lasting protection.

Kindr has been clinically proven as effective against all enveloped viruses including coronavirus and all strains of it which includes COVID -19. It is 99.999% effective and fully tested to kill viruses and superbugs such as Swine Flu, H1N1, Bird Flu, H5N1, MRSA, SARS & Norovirus.

The non-toxic, non-flammable formula will kill any germs, bacteria and viruses on your hands to prevent them from entering your body.

Kindr foaming sanitiser is supplied as a liquid, but when used in the 50ml or 300ml dispensers the liquid is mixed with air to produce a silky foam which is absorbed into the skin much more quickly and smoothly than gel alternatives.

The range consists of the following:

50ml Petite Foaming Sanitiser RRP £4.95: Small and compact, the petite foaming hand sanitiser is perfect for keeping in your bag, pram, and your car, for on the go use.

300ml Family Foaming Sanitiser RRP £6.95: The ideal sanitiser for at home use as this family sized product can dispense up to 500 pumps.

500ml Eco Refill Pouch RRP £9.95: The refill pouch is the economically sustainable, environmentally friendly option. The refill pouch contains enough hand sanitiser to refill the travel size 10 times.

When handwashing is not convenient, sanitisers are the next best thing. Help to prevent the spread of disease by carrying a hand sanitiser with you at all times.

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