The best vouchers and discount codes in the UK right now

The best vouchers and discount codes in the UK right now

How to make incredible savings

The best vouchers and discount codes in the UK right now: How to make incredible savings – Looking for current UK discount codes? With rising inflation driven by sky-high prices for food, drink, and clothing, savvy shopping has never been more important. Whether you’re an experienced code-catcher or thinking of switching up your spending habits, it’s always worth learning about the best – and safest – ways to get a discount on your shopping.

What are voucher codes?

Vouchers and coupons are exclusive offers supplied by companies or brand partners to provide customers with a unique discount on an order. These are often subject to a minimum spend and are usually single-use, but it’s occasionally possible to find multi-use vouchers too.

Vouchers usually have a unique barcode or numerical discount code, entered by the customer during the checkout process. Many vouchers can be redeemed online, but some smaller businesses might only accept vouchers in-store.

How do you use vouchers?

The way you use vouchers will vary depending on the type you use, so we’ve included brief instructions for the most popular types below.

Online codes

If you’ve been lucky enough to find an online discount code for a brand, you’ll usually need to redeem it on their website. This process varies, but we’ve found that you’ll usually need to go through a few steps before being given the option to enter a voucher code. If you haven’t seen it before clicking ‘checkout,’ it could be on the penultimate payments page. Once entered, the discount should be automatically applied to any valid code.

Promotional vouchers

Whether you’ve received them in-store or in the post, vouchers make a real difference to your monthly spending. These can be scanned at the checkout, taken by a store representative and manually applied, or entered online too. And if you’re receiving regular discounts from supermarket vouchers, it could make sense to move your spare cash into an online savings account for the future.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards work differently to discount vouchers. They’re usually unique designs, and many small businesses use a physical stamp to mark a purchase or visit on your card. This can also be done digitally via points; the most popular example of this type of loyalty scheme could be Nectar, used by various brands including Sainsbury’s and Argos. As you collect points with a loyalty card, these can be translated to future vouchers, discounts, or cash.

Our tips for using vouchers and discount codes

Use reputable websites

If you’re scouring the internet looking for voucher codes, make sure you only use trusted websites. Don’t fall into the trap of using an unprotected website: if you enter personal details on an unsecured site, you could be vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters.

Read the terms and conditions

Respect the system and don’t try to override voucher terms. In any case, this could jeopardise your future custom from a particular brand and could even negatively affect your credit score if it’s done multiple times.

Buy online

You’ll usually get the best savings and deals online. Stick to known brands and websites– you could always try to learn patterns and timings for new releases, sale lines, and discounts. Don’t forget to shop around and check out competitors too.

Stack them up

If possible, use multiple vouchers and coupons together to receive a greater discount. Alternatively, you could apply a voucher code to a shopping basket that contains sale items – and then you’ll get excellent value for money.

Concluding thoughts

Discounted shopping can feel like a thrill, but it’s important to stay safe. Always read the terms and only ever enter payment information if you’re using a secure website or trusted retailer. Don’t be fooled by fake websites, vouchers, and spam links either, as these pose a significant cybersecurity risk.

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