Summer Fashion Tips

Summer Fashion Tips

From Our Friends at Colour Me Beautiful

Summer Fashion Tips From Our Friends at Colour Me Beautiful.

Amber Alert – How to Wear This Season’s Must-Have Colour.

Summer Fashion Tips

Amber is up there with yellow as one of the cheeriest summer colours.  It has uplifting and bold properties and is indeed a very happy colour.  But before you run out to buy it, beware, (think traffic lights; be cautious), as it can be a difficult colour to pull off.  It has a slightly more yellow-y tone than orange and is a few shades lighter.

Colour Me Beautiful’s approach is always to ensure that you look fabulous wearing colour rather than the colour wearing you.  In simple terms the way you wear Amber this season will depend on your personal colouring, here MD Cliff Bashforth shares his tips on how you can wear amber to best effect the season.

Lights (Cate Blanchett): Amber is a mid to light shade so it will work for you, especially if you are warm-toned. Team with sky blue to keep your look delicate and fresh.

Deeps (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Obama): You will probably find that this colour needs a little oompf so try adding a deeper shade such as teal. If you are very cool-toned, make sure that teal is the dominant colour of your outfit.

Warms (Christina Hendricks): You look wonderful in yellows and oranges, so amber is ‘right up your street’. Have fun with it by combining it with olive, aqua or bittersweet.

Cools (Dawn French, Dina Asher-Smith, ): You will probably experience the most difficulty with amber as it is a very warm shade. In fact, we would go as far as to say, sit this one out, or just use it in accessories.

Clears (Emma Willis): Amber will work well when combined with a strong colour with clarity, such as emerald green or bright periwinkle. Look for fabric that reflects the light, eg. Satin

Softs (Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis): Because your look is blended, try combining amber with colours that are a shade lighter or darker for a tonal look. Claret or jade would work very well indeed.

Swimwear for the Bigger Bust

Summer Fashion Tips

It’s the holiday season and for many, time to pay attention to your holiday wardrobe. Shopping for swimwear comes with its own frustrations, particularly if you are blessed with a bigger bust because one bikini certainly does not do all! But don’t worry, Colour Me Beautiful is here to help with their 4 top tips on choosing the best swimwear for your figure.

  • Avoid triangle bikini tops with string ties. Not only will they dig and pinch at the neck area, but you will also not achieve full support. Instead, opt for a bra style with wider straps.
  • Look for swimsuits with a bust lining that will provide the extra support that you need. Underwired styles and bra-sized tops will also help.
  • Avoid flounces, frills, and unnecessary detail across your chest as this will not only ‘build up’ this area but will also draw the eye.
  • Adjustable straps are a bonus

For 40 years Colour Me Beautiful has been at the forefront of helping everyone to dress the body they have by ensuring that the colours and styles they wear are personalised to them.  Click here to learn more about Colour Me Beautifull’s products and services.

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