Re-Vamp Your Style with Colour Me Beautiful

Re-Vamp Your Style with Colour Me Beautiful

Re-Vamp Your Style with Colour Me Beautiful – Colour Me Beautiful, the leading authority in personal colour analysis and style consultancy is shaking up the beauty and fashion industry with its ground-breaking Express Colour Consultation service. This innovative offering is perfectly aligned with the current TikTok trend surrounding colour analysis, where millions of users are discovering their most flattering shades and embracing their unique colour palettes.

‘It’s not what you buy, it’s what you do with what you buy,’ says Cliff Bashforth, Managing director of Colour Me Beautiful UK!

Of course, knowing your colouring type, body shape, scale, proportions, and signature style makes a huge difference when it comes to helping you select what really suits you. But discovering how (and when) to bend the rules will ensure that you build a curated wardrobe effortlessly!

Colour Me Beautiful’s Express Colour Consultations, are designed to provide individuals with a quick and convenient way to uncover their dominant colouring type and receive expert tips on selecting the perfect shades for their wardrobe.  In just half an hour, participants can unlock the secrets of looking and feeling their best, thanks to Colour Me Beautiful’s team of experienced consultants.  The Express Consultation Service includes:

  1. An abridged Colour Analysis – discover the hues that naturally enhance your features, making you look and feel your most radiant.
  2. Wardrobe Enhancement Tips – learn which colours to look for when shopping to create a wardrobe that complements your unique colouring.
  3. Colour Combinations – Receive expert advice on how to combine your best colours to create stunning outfits for any occasion.
  4. Accessorise with Style – uncover top tips on accessorising to effortlessly elevate your look.
  5. Simple Make-up Tips – gain valuable insights into quick and easy make-up techniques that enhance your natural beauty.

The Express Consultation is the ideal introduction to the world of Colour Me Beautiful.  It’s not only a fantastic opportunity for individuals to revamp their style but also a creative and entertaining party idea.

  • Girl’s Night In – gather your friends for a fun evening of style exploration and self-discovery
  • Teen Birthday Parties – Treat your teenage fashionistas to a memorable and educational experience. Something that will give them years of confidence.
  • Hen Parties – Add a touch of sophistication to your pre-wedding celebration with a group colour consultation – it’s a great way of finding the perfect shades for your bridesmaids!
  • Baby Showers – celebrate the mum-to-be in style and prepare her for her post-pregnancy glow-up.
  • Office Christmas Party – our interactive express consultations are a really fun way to ramp up the festive glamour at the office party. Suitable for both men and women everyone will leave knowing their best colours and will be set for a colour yet stylish New Year.

Each individual will leave the consultation clutching their personalised pocket-sized Express Colour Guide, displaying their 10 most flattering shades, bespoke make-up shades and ideas for choosing accessories.

Unlock your full style potential with Colour Me Beautiful’s Express Consultation Service and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your best colours.  To book your Express Colour Analysis click here.  Colour Me Beautiful has something for everyone’s budget.

All products and services are available to buy directly from Colour Me Beautiful here.

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