STIGA Cordless Shredder Leaf Blower

STIGA Cordless Shredder Leaf Blower

Easy to use, ergonomic, and smart

STIGA Cordless Shredder Leaf Blower – After the winter season of garden calm and tranquillity, I can now see a raft of chores beginning to build up outside.

Removal of dead leaves and debris from planters and borders. Loose branches collecting on the lawn and beneath the trees and damaged garden structures caught in the harsh winter wind, rain, and frost are starting to look a little worse for wear. However, now is the perfect time to start a plan of action.

I enjoyed the new Mountfield additions to my gardening equipment last year with the battery-operated lawn mower and trimmer. This year and good timing I may add, the STIGA Essential VS 100e Kit Cordless Vacuum Shredder leaf blower has already been a useful addition and the perfect tool for cleaning up the garden from fallen leaves and after trimming bushes and hedges.

Easy to use, ergonomic, and smart, the STIGA battery-powered tools simplify seasonal cleaning tasks.

Gardens need care all year round and this means keeping outdoor spaces clean and tidy.  This is especially important when it comes to keeping leaves off the lawn, as they can provide the perfect warm and damp environment for possible diseases to take hold. Preventative is better than cure!

Trimming hedges and trees and then blowing away the debris is great for tidying up after a gardening session. But instead of throwing the dead plant matter away, it makes eco-friendly sense to reuse it as a natural fertiliser in your flower and vegetable beds. After using the VS 100e kit a handful of times, we are now beginning to make a perfect pile of new mulch for the gardening season ahead in our composter.

I have found that the STIGA 1 Series Vacuum Shredder is quick and easy to navigate at the flick of a lever.

This powerful, cordless tool can be used as a leaf blower, a vacuum cleaner, and an automatic shredder. Automatically passing the nutritious mulch straight into the generous 45L textile bag attached – reducing the waste down to a tenth of the original amount you would originally collect. When you’ve finished, simply open and pour the contents out onto the soil, or store them as compost. The bag also detaches quickly from the tool if you need to wash it.

Compact, perfectly balanced, and weighing only 2kg, the soft-grip handle ensures even time-consuming jobs in awkward spaces are easier on the arms. Simply adjust the airspeed to suit what you’re doing with no risk of the robust 600W brushless motor overheating. If required there is also a handy harness.

Using two STIGA ePower 20V 4Ah batteries, located beneath the handle for the versatility they can also be used with other STIGA series 1 tools making them extra versatile for gardening jobs throughout the year.

Batteries and chargers are included in your kit.

We have found this tool a pleasure to use and a useful asset for all gardening newbies or those gardeners who want to act quickly and achieve a certain gardening standard.

For more information visit STIGA here.

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