Skin Coach Amba Logan

Skin Coach Amba Logan

Women Talking talks to an award-winning facialist, skincare expert and make-up artist

Skin Coach Amba Logan – Women Talking talks to an award-winning facialist, skincare expert and make-up artist Amba Logan. Amba has a varied background in the beauty industry and is an advocate of ‘grown up’ beauty and is best known for creating her fresh, flawless, glowing signature look.

Skin Coach Amba Logan

When did you first become interested in beauty and skincare?

“I have been pretty obsessed with skincare, make-up and fragrance from a very young age. At first didn’t realise working in the beauty industry was an option, but after seeing a beauty therapy course advertised at my local college, whilst looking for a plan B (plan A was to go to dance college but that is another story) I have never looked back and was hooked from day 1”.

How has beauty evolved over the years?

“The industry has changed so much over the last 3 decades. When I trained in the 90’s the average person didn’t own a mobile phone, now approx. 92% of the population walk around with the internet in their pockets. We relied on magazines, beauty press and trade exhibitions to keep up to date with new innovations and launches.

The training was strict and thorough with far fewer courses, now students can obtain qualifications online in a matter of days, which is scary, but hopefully soon to change.

The average consumer is more informed, educated & seeks results, but equally so much information can be overwhelming & I notice we are going back to basics a little with a more holistic approach.

Technology advancements are exciting, with the need for invasive surgery becoming a trend of the past”.

Skin Coach Amba Logan

What are the latest beauty trends?

Dewy glowing skin is still around with the aim to use skincare as make-up on flawless “lit” complexions.

Skin barrier has become a buzzword as we all manage to destroy it at some point over the last few years of excessive exfoliation.

Retinol is far from new, but a fresh approach of gentler formulations used regularly as appose to going in hard and experiencing weeks of shedding & sensitivity.

The obsession with ingredients is still around, encouraging companies to come up with the next best thing, however, very few new ingredients pop up, but clever delivery systems and formulations put a new spin on results-led skin care.

Exosome therapy uses the power of your stem cells to rejuvenate skin, this will be something we slowly see a lot more of for in-clinic treatments and injectable alternatives”.

What is your famous natural ‘glowy’ skin finish and how can this be achieved at home?

“My favourite look to create is a natural Parisian “un-done” skin finish with a glow that looks lit from within. Super hydrated skin is plump and pushes out fine lines, and gives a smooth, almost shiny surface, in all the right places of course. Layer hydrating and moisturising products from thinnest to thickest, not overloading with too many silicone-based formulations to avoid piling.

Stick to creamy-based make-up products buffed in with a fluffy brush, or warm fingers, using illuminating, soft highlights on the high points of the face to catch the light”.

Can you share 5 tips to incorporate into your beauty routine?

My 5 top tips to incorporate into everyday routines:

“Spend a few mins in the evening massing in your cleanser (preferably cream or oil-based) this boosts circulation, lymph draining, delivering nutrients to skin cells, and sculpting puffy areas.

Switch out flannels and muslin cloths for super soft micro-fibre, which removes makeup in a flash, and avoids irritation & manual exfoliation.

Consider working a mild retinol into your night-time routine. Don’t feel the need to work up to the strongest formulas, consistency is key.

Try getting into a habit of removing your make-up/ SPF as early as possible instead of just before climbing into bed. This gives longer for your night-time actives to work and eliminates the risk of skipping steps as you are too tired.

Daily protection is a must as UVA rays (the ageing ones) are around all year. Find a formula and texture that works for you, and that you enjoy the look of. It needn’t be cloggy, or too thick. SPF in our tinted moisturisers and make-up are not quite enough”.

Where can customers find you?

Amba runs clinics in Derbyshire and London and can be found on her website here”.

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