SAVEUR Selects Angel Food Pan

SAVEUR Selects Angel Food Pan

SAVEUR Selects Angel Food Pan – Planning ahead for the festive season is always a task I leave until the last minute. Not intentionally of course, but I do tend to work on the hoof, which is not always advantageous!

SAVEUR Selects Angel Food Pan

Having had a cake box kit in my cupboard since the summer I felt it was high time to upgrade my kitchenware and invest in a SAVEUR Selects Non-stick Angel Food Pan, to not only bake my cake but in preparation for the Christmas onslaught.

This is an upgrade from my regular aluminium tins, as SAVEUR Selects is an artisan series carbon steel bakeware collection delivering professional, easy-release results every time.

An angel food pan, also known as a tube pan or a chiffon cake pan, is a specialised type of cake pan with a tall, hollow tube in the centre. This pan is typically used for baking angel food cakes, chiffon cakes, and other delicate sponge-like cakes.

Women Talking looks at why and when you would use an angel food pan:

  1. Even Baking: Angel food pans are designed to promote even heat distribution, ensuring that the cake bakes uniformly. The tall tube in the centre allows heat to reach the centre of the cake while the outside cooks as well. This design helps prevent the cake from becoming overly brown on the edges while remaining undercooked in the centre.
  2. Structure and Stability: The tall sides of the angel food pan provide stability and support for cakes that rise significantly during baking, such as angel food and chiffon cakes. These cakes rely on whipped egg whites for their structure, so they need a pan that allows them to climb and rise without collapsing.
  3. Easy Removal: The handy removable bottom of the pan makes it easy to remove delicate cakes without damaging them. Once the cake has cooled, you can lift it out of the pan, which helps maintain the cake’s texture and appearance. The high-performance SAVEUR Selects non-stick range is built using heavy-gauge and highly conductive carbon steel. Not only efficient for stress-free removal, but the collection will also maintain its shape over years of use.
  4. Shape: Angel food pans typically have a round, fluted shape, although, with the SAVEUR tin, the outer edge is smooth. This shape is classic for angel food cakes and chiffon cakes, and it also adds an aesthetic appeal to the finished cake.
  5. Ventilation: The tube in the centre provides ventilation, allowing the cake to cool evenly and preventing it from becoming too dense or soggy as it cools.

When to Use an Angel Food Pan:

You would use an angel food pan when you’re baking cakes that rely on the unique characteristics of this pan for successful results. This includes:

Angel Food Cake: This is the most classic use for an angel food pan. Angel food cake is a light, airy cake made with whipped egg whites and very little fat. The pan’s design helps it rise and maintain its delicate texture.

Chiffon Cake: Chiffon cakes are similar to angel food cakes but include both egg whites and yolks. They are also light and airy, making an angel food pan ideal for baking them.

Sponge Cakes: Some sponge cake recipes, especially those with a light and airy texture, can also be baked in an angel food pan.

SAVEUR Selects Angel Food Pan

It’s important to note that angel food pans are not suitable for all types of cakes. For denser cakes, brownies, or traditional layer cakes, standard cake pans or other baking dishes are more appropriate. The choice of the pan should align with the specific characteristics and requirements of the recipe you are preparing.

In addition, to my tin collection I have opted for the SAVEUR Selects Non-stick Loaf Pan for my all-time favourite,  Walnut and Banana Cake, however, the classic shape allows you to use it for a multitude of recipes including a classic meat loaf, vegetable terrine, lemon drizzle cake or homemade bread.

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