Micro Greens by Post from Silly Greens

Micro Greens by Post from Silly Greens

Micro Greens by Post from Silly Greens – Silly Greens are bringing urban farming into your home.

Have you ever thought of growing your own food, but felt you did not have the space? Well, we may have found a simple solution.

Women Talking have been experimenting with the Silly Greens Microgreen Grow Boxes, which are full of healthy green goodness, dispatched from their farm in Suffolk

The boxes are sent directly to your door for you to grow indoors, turning windowsills and areas with plenty of light into productive spaces.

Delivered in a slender cardboard carton, the box was designed to fit conveniently through the letterbox.

On opening your package, you will find that the seeds are sown in jelly, which not only locks the seeds in place while they are in the post but also keeps them hydrated. As the greens grow, the jelly shrinks, leaving nothing behind but roots.

The entire grow box can be recycled when it’s had its day, a few weeks later.

Silly Greens post their boxes on the slow service so they can start to germinate en route, using the UK’s lowest carbon form of delivery, Royal Mail. After the seeds have had some time in the dark, loads of seeds will quickly pop up, ultimately producing a dense patch of microgreens.

What are Microgreens?

 Microgreens are just young versions of herbs and veg, cut before they have had a chance to grow. As the goal is micro-sized, a tray can be sown with 20x the seed that would be sown if growing the full-sized thing whilst using just an inch of growing medium to get them there. The result is punchy flavour, much higher nutrient content and something edible that can grow year-round indoors.

The exciting part is that growing something for a few weeks is relatively fault-free, so the choice of plants on offer is wide-ranging.

There is a variety of combinations for your seeds, some Silly Greens trays consist of a mix that pair well together and prop each other up, whilst some stick to themselves.

Each of the greens behaves differently. Some need patience – some are slender, some are juicy, some are colourful, some taste more, some are wispy, and others are leafier.

By ordering direct you cut out the supply chain and grow some greens not found in the shops. Keep them out of the fridge and just pick as you plate.

Subscription service

 Silly Greens delivers ready-planted micro-herbs straight to your door. It is a subscription service at £5 per box and they suggest ordering weekly basis (or less frequently if you prefer) with the option to cancel at any time. These concentrated greens pack a nutritional punch in any number of dishes and can be eaten as soon as they’re a few inches tall.

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