Curaprox Hydrosonic Black is White

Curaprox Hydrosonic Black is White

Curaprox Hydrosonic Black is White 

Over the years the appearance of our teeth has taken dentistry to a new level. Although trends have wavered with new improved techniques and services, for me, personally, a healthy mouth, fresh breath, white teeth with a happy smile are high on my list of priorities.

The colour and shape of our teeth can reveal important information about our health. For example, tooth loss can be associated with poor general health, and nutritional deficits, while tooth colour is influenced by a range of factors including diet and age, leading to teeth appearing darker and yellower as we get older.

To help keep the colour of my teeth in check, I am opting for a natural technique with the technology behind the new Curaprox hydrasonic electric toothbrush.

Established leaders in the oral hygiene industry, Swiss luxury dental care and oral hygiene brand CURAPROX UK have launched their brand new Hydrosonic Black Is White Carbon System, taking dental and oral care to the next level.

By cleaning our teeth and maintaining our oral hygiene, we then lower the risk of developing any form of gum disease.

Our mouth is moist, warm, and full of nooks and crannies – a perfect ecosystem for fungi, viruses, protozoa and at least 700 species of bacteria to live in.

The number of bacteria in the mouth is vast. Several billion of them can be found in the oral cavity. These microorganisms can be divided into “good” and “bad”, and some are ugly. Their “food” is proteins and sugars from food residues. If the oral flora is “damaged”, dangerous pathogens multiply and can cause problems in the mouth, gums, and teeth.

This said, regarding our teeth cleaning routine, what we are taught and practice every day, we should be able to do properly and cultivating good habits on a regular basis and fading out bad ones is imperative.

To understand how habits work, we need to establish appropriate patterns, which are done through repartition.  The repetitive actions will become ingrained in our brains, which then becomes automated.

Brushing our teeth daily is a ritual and becomes automatic, hence the importance of getting the process right in the first place to fight against the army of bacteria in our oral cavity.

Cleaning with a manual toothbrush is not so easy unless you are educated in the correct technique to use. Manual toothbrushes result in brushing back and forth and we can end up applying too much pressure on our teeth without realising. An extensive amount of pressure can result in damage to our teeth caused by ineffective cleaning. By using an electric toothbrush, the right amount of pressure can be used, creating a gentler and softer, clean.

The Black Is White Hydrosonic Toothbrush offers a sleek ergonomic, electric solution that boasts state-of-the-art technology. Designed with a matt black finish and a magenta-coloured button navigating through settings with intuitive, one-button operation.

Some of the features that the CURAPROX Hydrosonic Black Is White Carbon System boasts include: 

Three power levels: 22,000, 32,000 and 42,000 brushes per minute, for extra cleaning power when brushing.

Cleans interdental spaces, thanks to the hydrodynamics. This is where the bristles move very quickly, generating turbulence in the mixture of saliva, water, and toothpaste. This turbulence reaches areas that cannot be reached by the bristles.

Compatible with all CURAPROX brush heads

Extra-small charger included with a travel case

Developed for gentle everyday tooth whitening with the new carbon brush heads

Brush head filaments arranged in a teardrop shape for optimal cleaning tooth by tooth

As with all CURAPROX’s toothbrushes, this new brush features ultra-fine CUREN® filaments that are coated with activated carbon particles for gentle everyday tooth whitening: innovative CUREN®

Carbon filaments gently remove discolouration without damaging the enamel and the CURACURVE® ergonomics make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas.

The Black Is White Hydrosonic Toothbrush supports hydrodynamic cleaning, whilst the rubberised back prevents unpleasant vibration sensations.

Why not use it alongside their Black is White Charcoal toothpaste, created to remove daily discolouration using activated carbon without abrading or bleaching and helps with sensitivity too!

Evidently, the CURAPROX Hydrosonic Black Is White Carbon System is the start of a new era in oral health and care.

For more information visit here.

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