Relax with Tea & Tonic

Relax with Tea & Tonic

Relax with Tea & Tonic – A Quintessentially British Brand with A Twist.

Having trained and worked as a beauty specialist many moons ago, I still have a great love of the beauty industry and the new, exciting brands that have adapted to today’s beauty requirements.

My latest find is Tea & Tonic a 100% natural skincare and wellness brand that helps you to discover the secrets to your brightest skin and self. Their range of luxury wellness products holistically balances dry, oily, or sensitive skin.

All the products are hand blended, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free; most are vegan too!

Based in the Surrey Hills of England, the Tea & Tonic converted barn sits amongst the wildlife overlooking the streams and beautiful walled gardens of Loseley House, it is here that the team create, develops, and freshly blends their skincare and wellness wonders.

Relax with Tea & Tonic

Women Talking had the pleasure of trying the ‘Inviting Sleep Halen Mon Bath Salts’a mineral-rich blend with pure aromatherapy oils , turning your bath into a luxurious bathing experience and a selection of their healthy teas.

Their Halen Môn Salt is hand-harvested from the coastline using charcoal-filtered seawater of Anglesey and then infused with essential oils to deeply relax muscles and promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Halen Mon Sea Salt are the UK’s 60th Protected Food Name and is one of the few sea salt producers in the country to have qualified for Certified Product Status from the Soil Association.

How to use

Add a generous scoop into warm, running bath water and bathe for 20 minutes. For an intensive bathing therapy: add up to 250g into a full bath.

Enjoy your bathing experience with one of the Tea & Tonic wellness teas

Choose from the following:

Earl Grey Saving Grace Wellness Teato revitalise and reawaken through the afternoon with a complex, clean and fragrant flavour profile.

English Breakfast Bright Awakening Wellness Teato awaken, brighten and revitalise body and mind. With a smooth, malty richness and herbaceous tone.

Ginger Turmeric Tonic Wellness Tea – this go-to tonic will help to restore and relieve. Great post-workout or when feeling achy or generally run down.

Golden Milk Inviting Sleep Wellness Tea – perfect for bedtime to promote a peaceful night’s sleep with a creamy, smooth, and aromatic flavour.

White Mint High Spirits Wellness Tea – to energise, uplift and refresh whilst aiding digestion and circulation. A clean, fresh flavour profile with delicate floral tones.

Beautifully packaged this range adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom. They have excelled in their packaging of duck egg blue, with a gold and white finish and the bath salt and in a reusable glass bottle, so if not for yourself this item makes an awesome gift for someone special in your life.

Tea & Tonic aims to create packaging that is either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable, wherever possible.

They use glass for all their retail packaging for its sustainable credentials and further encourage their customers to increase the life span of these to help reduce the levels of recycling by offering 100% fully recyclable options with re-purchase.

For outer packaging, all their cardboard boxes are carefully created, printed, and made locally with sustainability front of mind:

  • 100% of their cardboard is sourced and certified from well-managed forests carrying the mark of responsible forest management (

  • They print using vegetable-based inks.

  • All their boxes are carbon balanced under the World Land Trust (WLT) – an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

Tea & Tonic is a luxury lifestyle brand to help you achieve the wellness and balance required to strengthen your resilience to everyday stress.

Poppy Watt

Welcome to Women Talking.

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