Planet Friendly Clothing

Planet Friendly Clothing

WAWWA Weather Resistant Zama Pants & Pullover Smock

Planet Friendly Clothing  – WAWWA Weather Resistant Zama Pants & Pullover Smock.

Launched in 2015 by brothers Sean and Andrew, Manchester-based WAWWA Clothing is a sustainable clothing brand making organic, fairtrade, vegan, planet-friendly clothing with a positive social impact.

They offer a wide range of casual and wearable styles that are designed for durability and are made to last. Utilising durable design alongside organic and recycled materials they create products that have a positive effect on us and our planet’s future.

Planet Friendly Clothing

Women Talking were very excited to have been gifted the new Hydrid/AeroTM Zama Pullover Smock, an everyday wardrobe staple, which is not only stylish but comfortable to wear too. Their latest winter clothing launch which includes the Pullover Smock and Zama Pants in the same weather-ready fabric is available in charcoal and olive.

Although WAWWA is mainly unisex, the collection also includes a handful of more feminine cuts, such as a women’s organic crew neck vest and premium heavyweight t-shirt, that have now become part of the brands Core Collection. Their popular organic cotton Cargo Skirt features crease recovery characteristics and is introduced in a fresh stone-grey colourway, along with a new women’s sling bag in both classic black and natural undyed canvas.

The innovative Hybrid/Aero fabric is sourced from Halley Stevensons and is inspired by their original 1910 patent for waterproofing textiles. Their finish is a combination of the driest wax and soft aero tumbling, expertly constructed in WAWWA’s own independent factory, based in Manchester.

The innovative fabric emulsified wax finish makes the garments soft, lightweight, breathable, and water-repellent.

Both the pants and the pullover are machine washable and can be line dried and lightly ironed. Thinking ahead, to extend the life of your garment, you can re-wax it by using their reproofing spray.

Each piece will be made to order, enabling WAWWA to ensure that they do not overproduce and create waste. The items also qualify for their customisation service, allowing people to have them tailor-made to their own measurements, creating their bespoke perfect fit.

WAWWA clothing focuses on using materials meticulously chosen and selected for minimal damage to the environment and maximum durability.

Organic Cotton: Organic cotton uses around 70% less water and is free from pesticides, meaning important water and soil resources are protected, and farmers are kept away from harmful chemicals.

Depending upon yield, it also uses fewer greenhouse gases resulting in less air pollution.

Dry waxed organic cotton: Waxed garments can be regularly reproofed to maintain performance for many years, making them uniquely sustainable. The petroleum jelly and paraffin wax Hally Stevenson uses on WAWWA Clothing’s fabrics is from cracking crude oil to make fuels such as gasoline. Meaning they make use of the waste product of this process. The processes used to apply the waxes to a cotton fabric are also low impact, meaning less damage is done to the environment with the waxes also being fully biodegradable.

Organic Ripstop: Ripstop is a tough woven fabric using a special reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to tearing and ripping.

Post-Consumer Waste Canvas: Bucket Hats & Totes are made from canvas created from 70% post-consumer waste and 30% recycled PET. Unique as many recycled pieces on the market are post-production waste, but WAWWA helps recycle all those unwanted fast fashion pieces.

Recycled Denim: Created using 70% post-consumer waste and 30% recycled PET. Old clothes and plastic bottles are diverted from landfill and given a new life by recycling them.

Recycled Yarn: Beanies, scarves & blankets are produced in a local Manchester factory using GRS-approved recycled yarn – 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled PET.

Hemp: Their bags feature adjustable hemp straps. Hemp is an incredibly durable fabric with antimicrobial properties. It helps absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and is the kind of crop

that can thrive well without needing heavy irrigation. It’s inherently resistant to pests and doesn’t need fertilizers either because the shedding of the leaves itself provides the soil with adequate fertilization.

Corozo Nut Buttons: Their buttons are made from corozo nuts. Often described as nature’s ivory, the corozo nut drops naturally in the Ecuadorian rainforest and is then collected by locals, providing jobs, and protecting the planet’s lungs from further deforestation.

Recycled PET: Recycled PET [plastic] is spun into polyester, balancing its use to keep garments as functional and comfortable as possible. All labels are made using recycled plastic, attempting to find use with plastic mountains that are discarded.

Recycled Zips: All zips are made with YKK’s recycled natulon material from recycled plastic bottles.

Water-Based Inks: Water-based inks used are free from harmful PVC resin and plasticisers. No harsh chemicals are being released into our water.

Vegan: WAWWA clothing is completely free of any animal products.

1+1 Collection: Disparity is a growing global concern, and WAWWA is keen to do its bit for its corner of the earth. Having felt helpless witnessing this inequality first-hand, the team wanted to help keep those in need warm at night. For every hat bought, another was donated to a rough sleeper. Since launch in 2015, WAWWA has donated over 10,000 accessories as they have now expanded their 1+1 range to include socks and scarves and are looking to team up with national charities to help reach out to refugees, low-income families, and mental health service users too.

For more information visit WAWWA here

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