How To Style Clogs - The Shoe Of The Summer

How To Style Clogs – The Shoe Of The Summer

How to Style Clogs – The Shoe of the Summer – As versatile and easy-to-slide-on as they are, clogs used to have a pretty bad rep for being clacky and noisy with their heavy wooden soles. In fact, most people considered them a bit annoying, if not intimidating, to wear. But – those were the clogs of the 70s and 80s. Today, things have changed a lot, and clogs for women are making a huge comeback. They are perfect for any summer wardrobe that wishes for a practical yet retro appeal.

Today’s clogs are made of softer materials, offering a more comfortable stride while maintaining old school features. If you want to jump on this trend, it’s important to know how to style them.

How to Style Clogs This Summer

When thinking about how to style your pair of clogs, you should keep in mind that these shoes are not designed to be performance footwear. In other words, you cannot expect to walk great lengths or run a marathon in them, as they are designed for those casual strides and short trips. With that in mind, let’s consider some ways you can style clogs this summer. 

Pair with Lightweight Clothing

Give your clogs a touch of summer appeal by pairing them with lightweight pieces. Whether you’re going for a long, flowing dress or a shorter one-piece outfit, you can always create summery coordination with the perfect pair of clogs. 

Go for A Low Platform

Clogs come in many different platform heights. If you’re unsure what type of platform height is perfect for you, try playing it safe by going for a low one. This tip is especially important if you’re hunting for your first-ever pair of clogs.

When it comes to colour choice, try going for a solid black or tan colour. Not only do these colour options allow you to play it safe, but you can also match them pretty quickly with any clothing colour combo. 

Create A Summer Feel

One of the main things that characterize summer is bright colours. So, to keep your appearance airy and fresh this summer, combine a flowing or floral dress with a pair of print-style clogs. We already mentioned that a solid black or tan colour would work with any outfit choice, however, going for a print option gives you the freedom to wear clogs all year round.

Go Casual

For those days when you need to run quick errands, go for the “less is more” approach. For example, try opting for a t-shirt to go with your favourite pair of loose jeans. Simply tuck your t-shirt into your loose jeans, slide into your clogs, and you’ll be good to go. 

Get A Pair of Bike Shorts

If you wish to wear shorts in the summer weather, go for a pair that will accentuate your figure, without distracting too much from the clogs. Whether you’re sauntering around your holiday crib or taking a walk around town, a pair of bike shorts will help give you that casual yet classy holiday look. 

There are many ways to style clogs; it all just depends on the season and where you are going. However, when done correctly, these shoes can be seen in a new light. Are you feeling confident enough to try out this unique trend?

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