Mahala Botanical Amber

Mahala Botanical Amber

Free from sugar and artificial flavours and colourings

Mahala Botanical Amber – To complement the award-winning Mahala Botanical Classic, which launched last year, Women Talking was excited to try Mahala Botanical Amber, a brand new dark alcohol-free spirit.

Mahala Botanical Amber

Free from sugar and artificial flavours and colourings, Mahala Botanical Amber cleverly brings chillies, smoke, and oak to its carefully balanced blend of botanicals. The perfect drink to mix with ginger ale/beer or use as an alcohol-free base for an alternative version of cocktails such as the ‘Old Fashioned’.

The taste is delicious and unique, on sipping, the blend first tastes of warm spices with chilli and smoke, and is followed by a long, warm, and spicy finish.

Created and co-founded by respected Master Distiller Danielle Schoeman at her Donã Distillery in Cape Town, South Africa, Mahala is crafted using a unique, triple-distillation process, achieving a depth of flavour and prestige of finish that is notoriously hard to achieve within an alcohol-free spirit. Danielle comments: “We believe that consumers shouldn’t have to compromise on taste or quality when choosing an alcohol-free drink, and we are fortunate to own and oversee our entire production process from ‘Farm to Glass’, ensuring the highest possible standard every step of the journey.

“Through our Mahala Botanical range, we have created two exciting propositions, each with its own unique and individual appeal. Our original Mahala Botanical is light and refreshing, with a herbaceous and citrus finish, while our new addition, Mahala Botanical Amber, is a warm and spicier offering, perhaps best appealing to those who prefer bolder, darker drinks.”

Women Talking look at the growing demand for alcohol-free drinks:

Health concerns: More people are becoming health-conscious and are looking for healthier options. Alcohol-free drinks provide an alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages that may have negative health effects.

Cultural and religious reasons: Many cultures and religions prohibit the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol-free drinks provide a way for people to enjoy a beverage without breaking their cultural or religious beliefs.

Social pressure: Some people feel pressured to drink when they are in social situations but may not want to consume alcohol. Alcohol-free drinks provide a way to participate in social events without drinking alcohol.

Designated drivers: People who are responsible for driving others home may choose to avoid alcohol. Alcohol-free drinks provide an alternative that allows them to still enjoy a night out without the risk of impaired driving.

Taste preferences: Some people simply prefer the taste of alcohol-free drinks over traditional alcoholic beverages. As more options become available, people are discovering that they can enjoy flavourful, satisfying drinks without the need for alcohol.

As well as being an alcohol-free triple-distilled spirit, Mahala Botanical is gluten-free and vegan-friendly too.

The botanicals used in Mahala Botanical are Cloves, Honey Bush (exclusive to the Western Cape), Orange Peel, Angelica Root, Buchu (exclusive to the Western Cape), Cardamom, Cassia Bark, Peppercorn, Pelargonium Citronella, as well as the addition of Chillies, natural Smoke and Oak extract in the case of Mahala Botanical Amber.

If you fancy a tipple at home, try The Mahala Old Fashioned


50ml Mahala Botanical Amber

1-2 Dashes of Bitters

Splash of Water


Put sugar, bitters, and water in a small tumbler.

Mix until sugars are dissolved.

Fill the glass with ice and stir in Amber.

Add a splash of soda water and mix.

Garnish with orange.

Poppy Watt

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