Find Your Cosmic Calling

Find Your Cosmic Calling

Find Your Cosmic Calling – Millennium Milli reviews the book, Find Your Cosmic Calling: A Guide to Discovering Your Life’s Work with Astrology by Natalie Walstein published by Fair Winds Press. RRP £18.99 hardback

Natalie Walstein, the creator of Soulshine Astrology, has written an eye-opening guide for anyone who is beginning their astrology journey or for those who are more in-tuned and would like a little refresher.

Find Your Cosmic Calling

Combining her astrological expertise and previous business experience, Natalie guides people in finding their unique calling and authentic path to success so they can turn it into their career and make a powerful impact on the way they were born to. You also can write your astrology view with the help of writing experts “buy essay in UK“.

Having read the book over a period of a couple of days, I found the book Find Your Cosmic Calling was clear and incredibly easy to understand, not only ideal for future reference and an invaluable resource but also visually a beautiful book.

When I first glanced at what an Astrological Birth Chart looked like, I was overwhelmed by all the lines and symbols and didn’t know where to start! However, this book really breaks down everything using simple language and beautiful imagery. I came away feeling very confident in being able to read a birth chart and knowing exactly what everything means on it.

Reading this book helped me to understand myself in all aspects and areas of my life that I didn’t even know were a factor. I gained a lot of knowledge of how important alignment is and how that impacts my greater purpose in life. One thing I found particularly helpful was learning how to go about my fears and struggles in the way my blueprint requires me to.

This book is a great reminder that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. This book allows you to understand who you really are as well as connect to others on a much deeper level and inspires you to feel more confident about yourself by making you feel recognised and special.

If you are feeling a little lost within yourself and the path you are currently walking, Find Your Cosmic Calling is a great navigator to help you on your way and to find out your Soul’s passion, purpose and what you were born to do.

Millennium Milli

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