Keep Sparkly and Creative at Home with Nadia Minkoff

We have been featuring some lovely home kits from British designer Nadia Minkoff on the Women Talking site. This one particularly took my fancy – Make your own chandelier earrings using Swarovski pastel and neon pearl beads, the perfect way to keep Sparkly and Creative at Home with Nadia Minkoff

Using real Swarovski beads here is your chance to create your own show-stopping chandelier hoop earrings. 

Creative Home kits from Designer Nadia Minkoff
This is what your kit will include

You have the option to choose to add as many or as few strands as you like to create a full or lighter look.

Summer is coming and these earrings with a colour pop will be the perfect accent to your outfits, and even better when you can tell people that you made them.

This kit contains enough material to make one pair of earrings.

For free online tutorials and tips visit Nadia’s workshop group here 

Poppy Watt

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