iMira Pro Ultra Clear Sensor Mirror

iMira Pro Ultra Clear Sensor Mirror

iMira Pro Ultra Clear Sensor Mirror – As a beauty specialist there are some things in life, I try to slow down on my ageing journey. Skincare is paramount to my daily routine and the one thing pretty much out of my control is my eyesight. Although I have glasses for certain ailments, as many will find, when applying your makeup or working on your skincare routine, personally, wearing glasses is not an option.

My make-up mirror is invaluable and in action throughout the day, if not by me another member of the family will be taking advantage of my well-placed mirror with full natural light, however when the natural light fades my make-up application can become rather hit or miss!

I recently came across the brand EKO, with a vision to continuously innovate and redefine homeware, EKO re-imagines the home with products designed with beauty and intelligence in their heart bringing aesthetics, high-quality, crafted materials, and smart technology to the world.

What I was drawn to was their iMira Pro Ultra Clear Sensor Mirror providing the user with remarkable clarity and adjustable brightness for full visibility, even in dark rooms, their fabulous design allows me to use the mirror confidently without the need for glasses.

iMira Pro Ultra Clear Sensor Mirror

Not only does it look fabulous sporting a dark grey frame, the sleek, modern design adds a touch of elegance to your space, whether it’s a bathroom, dressing room, or vanity area.

The iMira Pro Sensor Mirror also has three light tone settings to give you the very best reflection helping you achieve optimal makeup application and skincare routines. The different types of lighting allow you to see your skin tone and makeup shades as they appear in natural light. This ensures that your makeup looks consistent across different lighting environments.

  • Natural – simulates natural sunlight for daytime looks.
  • Bright Cool tone bright light for the finer definition of details.
  • Warm – Indoor warm lighting is great for evening occasions.

Other key benefits include:

  • 20cm mirror (diameter)
  • 1X and 5X magnification (dual-sided) – flip the mirror 360 degrees to switch magnification settings. Instant magnification for full-face routines or close applications. This enables you to see fine details clearly. This is particularly useful for tasks like plucking eyebrows, applying intricate makeup, or examining your skin closely.
  • Adjustable brightness (LUX 1100, CRI 96) – adjusted via touch sensor surround.
  • 3 light tone settings (- adjusted via the touch sensor slider on the rear of the stand.
  • Automatic on/off sensor (12 seconds) – turns off after moving away. This hands-free feature can be convenient during busy mornings or when your hands are occupied.
  • USB rechargeable (charger included) – one charge lasts 4 hours of continuous use or 3-4 weeks of average daily use.
  • High-quality finish (dark grey powder-coated stainless steel) – fingerprint resistant.

Overall, this sensor mirror offers a combination of convenience, functionality, and modern technology to enhance your daily grooming and self-care routines. I am thrilled with the simplicity to use the mirror and highly recommend it.

Poppy Watt

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