What to Look for When Buying a Parasol

What to Look for When Buying a Parasol

What to look for when buying a parasol – Armed with the key factors of whether your parasol is for home or professional use, your purchase is ultimately going to give you some shade to keep you cool as well as protection from the sun’s rays and an area of tranquillity and comfort if the weather is a little damp.

When buying for your garden there are a number of key points to consider:

What you would like to use your parasol for? – Personally, dining outside is high on my priority list. Alfresco dining has become more and more popular for any time of day, particularly with the warm weather and as a social pastime, one I would like to continue as enjoy.

Popular climates in spring, summer and the warmer autumn months can now allow us to utilise the joy of this outdoor pastime for most of the year.

You may already have covered patios, a misting system or parasol to keep yourself cool in the warmer season, however, If you are looking for options, Solero Fratello Pro specialises in a beautiful selection of garden parasols with an assortment of different models and designs to suit all outdoor spaces.

When the weather is cooler fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, as well as parasol accessories like heaters and lighting, are other valuable additions for outdoor living.

What to Look for When Buying a Parasol
A parasol gives you shade as well as protection from the sun’s rays

The size of your garden – Choose your parasol to fit your space. You don’t need to swamp your garden with shade. Most parasols will range from 2 – 2.4m wide, however, to cover a larger space or L-shaped garden furniture, you may want to opt for something a little wider, like the Solero Fratello Pro, which covers a larger area of up to 3x3m.

It is important to bear in mind that a large parasol will need a more substantial base than a smaller alternative. The Fratello parasol, for example, comes with a solid aluminium rotating device with foot pedal, which allows you to rotate the canopy in 360° allowing you to take maximum advantage of shade produced.

Do you have a colour scheme in mind?  You may have a particular colour grouping in your garden, regarding your planting design or garden furniture range, this can be paired up well with the great selection of parasol colours available on the market, allowing you to bring a bespoke look and feel to your space.

What style of parasol – While many parasols and umbrellas can tilt to shade you from the sun, their flexibility still tends to be quite limited. Cantilever parasols allow you to stretch the umbrella away from its stand, over the area of your choice, which means more space to move around underneath as well as control exact angles. 

As an alternative choice, if space is limited you may opt for a fixed wall parasol.

With such a diverse selection available, I feel I can maximise the use of my garden for all seasons.

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