Image Skincare UK - The Iluma Collection

Image Skincare UK – The Iluma Collection

Image Skincare UK – The Iluma Collection

Intense formulas to help diminish dark spots and correct pigmentation.

Having previously enjoyed trialling Image Skincare products, naturally, I was quickly on board when it came to trying something new.  

The Iluma Collection is a product range devoted to lightening and brightening your complexion. The products are comprised of gentle, yet high-tech formulas made to leave your skin glowing.

I had the opportunity to try two of the products in the collection: the Intense Brightening Crème and the lightening body lotion. I was equally impressed with both of them and encouraged by the actual favourable results.

Not only does the range take on the concept of botanical brightening for the skin, Vectorize Technology, keeps the active ingredients working for up to 48 hours.

Iluma Intense Brightening Crème – Apply and massage into the skin on the face, neck and eyelids after cleansing.

This can be used every day for maximum benefits. Its job is to help fade the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation to give skin a more even, radiant tone. 

The product contains Daisy Flower, which will help to brighten dark spots, along with Licorice and Arbutin (found in pear skins).

There is also, Image’s signature three different forms of Vitamin C lighten pigmentation to firm and plump the skin, and provide powerful antioxidant protection.

Plant stem cells extend the life of the skin’s cells, keeping the skin looking young and fresh and to complete the list the fragrance is noticeable but delicate with a very light, grassy, earthy scent.

Iluma Intense Lightening Body Lotion – Apply and massage morning and evening to thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated skin. It is recommended not to use this product on the face.

It’s no secret that sun damage and dark spots extend well beyond the face. The Lightning Body Lotion helps to tackle those dark spots that are largely ignored when it comes to professional skincare.

ILUMA Intense Body Lotion offers a powerful solution for areas of discolouration and age spots that develop on the body due to sun exposure and ageing. It contains hydrating botanical oils that drench skin with moisture, along with potent brightening agents that time-release deep into the dermis to unveil more radiant, even-toned skin from the neck down.

This lightweight, non-irritating lotion soaks into the skin like a dream, with no greasy residue and a light scent that disappears in minutes. Whether you are treating sun damage, lingering back acne scars, or just wanting a more luminous glow, the Intense Lightening Body Lotion is must-have.

Again the fragrance is noticeable with a delicate hint of mango sorbet, which I found very refreshing.

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