Hepburn & Hughes Recycled Jewellery Collaboration

Hepburn & Hughes Recycled Jewellery Collaboration

Hepburn & Hughes Recycled Jewellery Collaboration – I love to see unique creativity when it comes to upcycling products and materials and the Hepburn & Hughes Recycled Jewellery Collaboration, has certainly caught my eye.

 Hepburn & Hughes Recycled Jewellery CollaborationA small family-run business based in Kent and Derbyshire, founders Louise and Zoe create high-quality, unique sterling silver jewellery and cufflinks. Their beautiful range of products are made using natural and prehistoric materials, as well as upcycled military memorabilia such as Spitfire aircraft and salvaged parts of HMS Victory, to create striking pieces.

Ancient fossils, gemstones and upcycled historical memorabilia found all over the world are used to create their unusual sterling silver jewellery. Working with a talented silversmith, the materials are carefully shaped before setting them in highly polished 925 sterling silver.

Hepburn & Hughes was set up in 2018, using some amazing inherited jewellery stock when their father/father-in-law Kelvin, who launched a similar business in 2004, retired, allowing them to build a unique range that celebrates the wonders of the natural world. Louise and Zoe have now built up their new jewellery business and established a loyal customer base.

To create their special pieces, hours are spent scouring the internet and rifling through antique shops, to source unique items that can be upcycled to create the most unusual cufflinks and jewellery. Making them all perfect gifts for both men and women.

Their signature range of cufflinks uses parts of reclaimed Spitfire fuselage, fragments of the Berlin Wall, broken or damaged Clarice Cliff and Minton Willow Pattern plates, as well as copper and oak from HMS Victory salvaged during her restoration.

They also make stunning and unusual jewellery using ancient Ammonite fossils which are a type of sea creature fossil estimated to be between 240 million and 65 million years old.

Ammonites are found in coastal areas worldwide and present themselves in various forms, identified by their distinctive ribbed spiral shell. Their closest living relatives are cephalopods including squid, octopus, and nautilus. They also use gemstones, which again are found all over the world.

Every order is carefully polished and packaged by hand by Louise or Zoe in high-quality, stylish branded packaging. I comment on the fact that they keep the other use of plastic to a minimum and are constantly looking for new ways to make their business more sustainable.

It is also good to know that many products are supplied with certificates of authenticity or provenance, providing customers with peace of mind that they are purchasing genuine articles.

Hepburn & Hughes Recycled Jewellery Collaboration

Women Talking took great pleasure in trying their Labradorite Sterling Silver Earrings. The design we chose is made with a delicate teardrop-shaped Labradorite stone set in an ornate frame to create a very ethnic appearance. However, they do have a selection of styles as well as coordinating necklaces.

The Labradorite earrings were a good choice as it is a popular stone in jewellery. For its colour and beauty. The stone has a polished surface with a hue that changes as the layers refract light, revealing iridescent flashes of peacock blue, gold, green and purple.

Labradorite is known for its iridescent play-of-colour, which displays a range of vibrant hues when light hits its surface. This unique optical effect makes it highly sought after for jewellery design. Setting the stones in sterling silver enhances their beauty and provides a contrasting backdrop to the stone’s mesmerising colours. Its distinct shimmering effect and captivating appearance make it a popular choice for those seeking unique and eye-catching jewellery pieces.

They carry many interesting pieces and a selection of gift cards, making them a great gift-buying destination.

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