Helping Your Cat Live Their Best Life

Helping Your Cat Live Their Best Life

Great Tips for Helping Your Cat Live Their Best Life – When you welcome a feline friend into your home, it’s your duty and responsibility to keep good care of them. Whether you opt for an indoor cat or allow them to explore the outdoors, you’ll want your pussycat to live its best life. From what they eat to what toys to buy, here are some excellent tips on how to help your cat live its 9 lives with the best quality of life possible!

Keep Them Active

Just like with any animal, cats need lots of daily exercise. While we’re not saying you need to get out a leash and go for walks as you would with a dog, there are tactics you can implement at home that will get your cat moving more. One way to do this is by stocking up on the right toys. Teaser toys like something dangling from a pole give your cat something to interact with. When they’re jumping up trying to reach it, this will give them a brilliant workout. You can also house their litter tray and food in entirely different areas. If you’ve got stairs, place these on different levels. That way, your cat will have to go up and down, which will give its legs some much-needed exercise.

Give the Right Food

Rather than just picking up the first cat food you see on the supermarket shelf, it really does pay off to take a closer look at the labels so you can be confident your feline is getting the right nutrients and vitamins. If you want to change your cat’s diet, why not investigate food made with natural ingredients? Encore is the answer to this. They have a wide range of exciting recipes that your four-legged friend is sure to enjoy.

Check Their Teeth

Your feline’s teeth say a great deal about their general health. If you don’t pay attention to their teeth and gums, plaque, gingivitis, and chronic tartar can all set in and lead to further health issues. It may not be the easiest of tasks but keeping your cat’s teeth clean is essential. There is a toothpaste that is specifically formulated for felines too. When you look after their oral health, there will be a reduced risk of them developing dental diseases and other conditions like kidney disease.

See a Vet

If you have any concerns about your cat’s health and quality of life, don’t delay speaking to your vet. They are professionals who can examine your cat and either give you the all-clear or advice and treatment to support your feline’s well-being. It’s wise to book a yearly checkup with your vet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions too. They can provide further advice on how to keep your cat happy and healthy.

While cats are notoriously independent creatures, they can still benefit enormously from your love and help. Your instinct will be to support your feline in any way you can. Doing all the above will ensure your cat is well looked after and lives its best life.

Poppy Watt

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