Helping An Obese Cat Lose Weight

Helping An Obese Cat Lose Weight

Helping An Obese Cat Lose Weight: Important Actions to Follow Today – If you’re a cat lover and have your very own furry friend, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep them happy, healthy, and content. Unfortunately, some of us give into temptation and feed our felines a little too much. While you may not think the odd pouch or treat won’t do any harm, before you know it, your cat may be channelling Garfield!

Cats who are overweight or obese aren’t getting the best quality of life. While a chubby cat may look cute and cuddly, those extra pounds can bring on a range of serious health problems like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and heart disease. Of course, you don’t want this for your feline, so here are some actions to take today to help your obese cat lose weight.

Hide Their Meals and Litter Tray

For those who have an indoor cat, you’ll find they aren’t the biggest fan of exercise. As you can imagine, this only contributes towards their weight issues. There is a solution to this. Encourage more movement by hiding your cat’s food bowl and litter tray around the space. House them in different locations each day. This means your feline has to look for it while getting some exercise along the way. Placing these items on separate floors will mean your cat has to tackle the stairs to get what they’re looking for.

Spread Out Meals

If you are feeding your feline once each day, this schedule can quickly contribute towards overeating. Instead, think about spreading their normal amount of food over numerous feeding times. If your cat is having several small meals over the course of a day, this keeps your feline from feeling hungry at one time of day. Make sure to give your cat more opportunities to eat. This will stop them from whining because they’re hungry.

Change Their Diet

Take a close look at what you are feeding your cat. You need to make sure they’re getting the right vitamins and nutrients in their diet. Check out App Laws whose cat food is high in natural arginine and taurine. These are essential amino acids that are naturally found at their highest level in prime cuts of fish and chicken. Their pots, pouches, and tins can be perfect for your feline and support their health, well-being, and development.

Add Water to Your Cat’s Food

Water is vital for your cat’s health. It helps maintain good health while replacing the fluids they lose through their faeces and urine. Water is also essential for helping your feline lose weight. If you’re concerned your cat isn’t getting enough water in their diet, consider adding some to its food. This will help them feel full and improve their hydration – a win-win situation. You can also add water to canned or wet food for the same effect. Cat dehydration is a real thing and can lead to weakness and lethargy, so now is the time to up their water intake.

However old your feline friend is, you’ll want them to live a long, fulfilling life. For this to happen, you need to be extra careful about their health and well-being and make necessary changes to keep your cat’s weight in check. If you do any or all of the above, you should start to see the weight drop off your feline!

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