Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum

Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum

Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum – Women Talking takes great pleasure in trialling the new Greenworks 24V Cordless Stick Vacuum with pleasing results, the multifunctional vacuum has been a clear winner.

You may be asking why Greenworks, one of the UK’s leading brands of cordless gardening and power tools have ventured into a home cleaning tool. Well, whatever their line of thought, with their expertise and knowledge of the tool world, they seem to have got it right for the home too

Compatible with all 24V Greenworks tools, the new battery-powered hand-held vacuum cleaner, with a 500W brushless motor, is a household must that offers flexible edge-to-edge cleaning.

Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum


Cordless in design: Naturally these days, cordless is the way forward, giving you complete freedom while vacuuming, with no power cables to get in the way or hold you up.

On/Off button: Compared to my existing vacuum, once the vacuum was switched on, it stayed on until I tapped the button to switch it off. Although a minor point, this was a pleasing benefit.

High-Powered Battery: Boasting an advanced, high-powered 24V Lithium-ion battery, this vacuum could tackle anything from pet hair (with three cats, this is a necessity) to DIY debris which is another important pastime, partaken within our household. The clear digital display on the handle shows the runtime, keeping you informed of when you need to stop and charge. The maximum is an impressive run time of 45 minutes (with eco mode), but obviously this run time reduces when using higher power.

On the flip side, Greenworks Stick can be charged and ready for use in as little as 30 minutes. For added convenience, other 24V batteries from the Greenworks gardening and general tools series can be interchanged to extend the run time.

Speed Levels: Designed to remove unwanted dust and dirt quickly and easily, the Vacuum features three variable speed levels to choose from. Activated by one simple touch, there’s no need to change heads between hard and soft surfaces, simply adjust the setting to achieve the best cleaning performance for the job at hand.

Conveniently placed light: This was a massive benefit. For those hard-to-see areas such as underneath the sofas and bed, in fact, you would be surprised at how many areas in the home benefit from the integrated LED lights helping to shed some light on the job at hand.

Charging unit: The upright unit is smart. Keeping all your attachments in one space the charging stand was a real winner for me, which gave me great satisfaction, allowing me to conveniently store everything in one place together.

Durable and effective: Constructed with a HEPA filter system that can capture up to 99.95% of microscopic particles. The vacuum stick not only removes visible dirt but also invisible germs, viruses, and bacteria that can’t be seen by the human eye.

A variety of attachments: As with many vacuums you have a range of versatile attachments which can be used to tackle upholstered and delicate items, such as curtains and car interiors with ease.

Easy to clean the filter: This was a simple process, being able to detach the dirt barrel, made my life so much simpler. You can also pull out the filter to clean with ease over the bin, so no mess.

Conclusion: Overall, I have really enjoyed using this machine, and would highly recommend it. My only niggles were that it was slightly heavier than my existing vacuum (not a lot) but I am one for ease.

Also, when using the highest speed, the machine did run out of charge quite quickly, which was frustrating if I was on a roll!! – this minor detail could have been rectified if I had changed the settings for different jobs.

The Greenworks 24V Cordless Stick Vacuum can be ordered directly from here with free delivery within the UK and a 30-day return promise.

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