How to Look Your Best for a Day at the Races

How to Look Your Best for a Day at the Races

How to Look Your Best for a Day at the Races – Before we get into what to wear on race day, it’s important to give you a little introduction to what to expect from a day at the races. Confidence is something that needs to exude from you if you really want to look your best. Some of us struggle a little at times to fake it, so instead it can be easier to just get a few tips to make you feel at home. One of the things you’re likely to be doing at the racecourse is placing a bet. One of the most exciting parts about a day’s horse racing is being able to cheer home a winner. It’s up to you whether you make a wager at the course, online, or run a sweepstake with your friends, just picking the winner without putting any money on can be satisfaction enough for some. If you’re serious about finding the winner for the upcoming Grand National, then looking at what the experts have to say is a good place to start. Once you’ve made your choice, you can find on-course bookmakers, or bet online if you’d rather. Next, find yourself a place in the stand, or head straight down to the winning post to cheer your horse home.

Getting Glam

Now that you’re feeling confident in how to place a bet and where to watch the racing from, it’s time to address the real issue; there are cryingly few opportunities to really get dressed up nowadays. Everyone is so obsessed with sports-luxe and normcore that those of us who quite enjoy donning a cocktail dress look totally out of place, besides at red carpet events. Well, in the horse racing world, that’s simply not the case. A day at the races is the perfect occasion to really push the boat out and indulge in a full glam look. Here’s our guide to making sure you’re looking parade-ring-perfect for your day out.

A Look That Lasts

Going to the races in England can be a slightly chillier affair than heading out to the track in the USA, so making sure your makeup lasts all day can be fine art. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are good suggestions, strong winds can make our eyes teary and the last thing you want is a black smudge ruining your look. False eyelashes might be better left at home too if the wind is predicted and make sure you’ve got a good sealant such as Lipcote to ensure any errant hairs don’t leave lipstick marks on your skin. Other than that, do with your makeup exactly as you choose. On events like Ladies Day at Ascot, for example, you’ll be in full glam company, whilst at a quieter point to point meeting the looks might be a little more casual.

Wardrobe Time

 An elegant coat is an essential wardrobe item for any winter meetings
An elegant coat is an essential wardrobe item for any winter meetings

Depending on the meeting that you go to, the dress code will vary. At Aintree for example, there is no official dress code, but generally, a smart approach is preferred. That’s not to say that people don’t vary from the norm, at the larger meetings you’ll often be able to spot a fancy dress outfit in the crowd. For the purposes of this article though, we’ll say that fancy dress is off the cards.

There’s rarely an occasion to wear a hat, so this one should be leapt at. Hats and fascinators are a part of race-day fashion, so finding one that compliments your outfit is a must. If you opt for a dress, then it probably should be of a suitable length for climbing steep grandstand steps without revealing more than you’d planned to! Of course, nowadays jumpsuits and tailored trouser suits can also look seriously elegant, so they’re worth considering, particularly in the cooler months. Block colours will always be in fashion, and they photograph better than small fiddly prints, a handy thing to note if you’re hoping to make the fashion press.

During autumn and winter, you’re likely to be spending a great deal of time in a coat, so make sure this is integral to your outfit as well. So often people think of every detail of their outfit and then throw on any old coat, only to spend most of the day in it. Accessorising with a wide scarf always brings a touch of luxury too.

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